Voting ended Tuesday, September 15th at noon. Thank you everyone for supporting your favourite stories for the past 6 weeks.

After 10 weeks of storytelling and 6 weeks of voting, we finally have our winners. Congratulations!

The Grand Prize Video Story goes to This is My City by Colin Nekolaichuk. He's won a gourmet dinner for 6 in a streetcar parked atop the High Level Bridge. Dinner will be prepped by NAIT's award-winning Culinary Arts team. Colin and his friends also get a stay in the luxurious Metterra hotel in the heart of Old Strathcona, and Colin gets a 20-inch iMac with Final Cut Express and an ultimate adventure pass from the City of Edmonton. The girl in the photo is Alexa Johnson. She was the star of the video.

The Grand Prize Written Story goes to A Strange Way of Growing on You by Riki Roy. She's won a 20-inch iMac with Final Cut Express and an ultimate adventure pass from the City of Edmonton.

The Runner-up Prize goes to Coming Back Home by Eva Cohen. She's won an ultimate adventure pass from the City of Edmonton. The photo is of Eva's dad, Matthew Cohen. He accepted the prize on Eva's behalf since she could not be there.

Honourable Mention went to Edmonton: An Awesome Place for Kids by Katie Carlson. She received a gift basket with a Multi-Play Pass from West Edmonton Mall.

We'd like to thank all of you who took the time to share your stories. Your stories are amazing testimonials to what we value and who we are, and have helped turn the site into a valuable resource for people who want to know more about our city.

Overall Video Leaders

  1. This Is My City
        by Colin Nekolaichuk
  2. Coming Back Home
        by Eva Cohen
  3. Mini Donut Madness
        by Matthew Dringenberg
  4. Edmonton: An Awesome Place for Kids
        by David & Katie Carlson
  5. Happy Canada Day
        by Trevor Stenson
  6. Two-Wheeled Adventures
        by Sarah Chan
  7. My City
        by Randy Lukian
  8. Beauty in the Heart of Edmonton
        by Heather Kennedy-Plant
  9. My Backyard
        by Samia Jamal
  10. Canadian Finals Rodeo 2005
        by Nancy Villegas

Overall Written Leaders

  1. A Strange Way of Growing On You
        by Riki Roy
  2. Paralympian
        by Sonny Davis
  3. All the Small Things
        by Liane Little
  4. Everyday Champions
        by Kaitlyn Perrin
  5. My Edmonton Has It All
        by Sheila Butterwick
  6. Sunshine Sketches of a Beautiful City
        by Carolyn Hall
  7. Establishing Roots
        by Alison Neuman
  8. One Common Thing
        by Lori Sharkey
  9. Where Everybody Knows Your Name
        by Janet LeBlanc
  10. In the Blink of an Eye
        by Nashtassia Esteban

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Eligible Video Stories

  • A Pink Year - Treena Fenniak Story has video
    Suddenly, a crushing blow hit. I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, and everything stopped.
  • Beauty in the Heart of Edmonton - Heather Kennedy-Plant Story has video
    Any amateur photographer should agree that Edmonton has so much to offer for scenery and superb images. The natural beauty Edmonton offers makes learning photography an enjoyable hobby.
  • Canadian Finals Rodeo 2005 - Nancy Villegas Story has video
    When I remember November 9, 2005, cowboys and cowgirls, beautiful horses and big cows, a lot of colours and lights, a lot of sounds and smiles come to mind.
  • Coming Back Home - Eva Cohen Story has video
    This video is a personal narrative of my experience in Edmonton's natural parks. Upon going for a walk down Whitemud Creek, I truly realized how lucky I am to be from Edmonton.
  • Dancing with the Lions - Paula Kirman Story has video
    One of the most exciting aspects of Edmonton, for me, is the multicultural face of the city.
  • Darling Alexis - Aaron Langvand Story has video
    Encountering the Old Strathcona Foundation's enthusiasm for the idea and Jill Wright's acceptance to be a part of the production goaded me into writing the script—lightning fast –and DARLING ALEXIS was ushered into the world.
  • Edmonton: An Awesome Place for Kids - David & Katie Carlson Story has video
    Katie thinks Edmonton is the greatest city. From the Valley Zoo to the WEM waterpark, Edmonton has tons of things for kids. In the attached video Katie shares some of her favourites!
  • Festival for Kids - Lucien Levesque Story has video
    St. Albert in the greater Edmonton area recently hosted the International Children's Festival. I had such an amazing time and enjoyed so much being a part of a great festival for kids.
  • Four Generation Chairs - Jim Gibbon Story has video
    Whenever I lead tours through our brewery I am always surprised to see how interested people are in the stories behind Amber's—usually much more than they are interested in the brewing and bottling process.
  • Happy Canada Day - Trevor Stenson Story has video
    It made me glad my son is growing up in such a great community and proud as an Edmontonian, Albertan, and Canadian.
  • Homesick For Edmonton! - Olga Rojas Story has video
    When I arrived to Edmonton for the first time, I was 19 years old. I had come with both my parents, and my three sisters and three brothers, all of us single.
  • Mini Donut Madness - Matthew Dringenberg Story has video
    I was very excited when I found out there was a chance for me to go out with my video camera and film all the aspects of Edmonton and then share it with other people.
  • Motorcycling in Edmonton - Tony Oostenbrink Story has video
    This ride took me from our home in Capilano (Capilano is the neighbourhood above the southeast corner of the Capilano Bridge) to Groat Road & 107 Avenue with no stops!
  • My Backyard - Samia Jamal Story has video
    My Backyard in the City of Edmonton is a story about how we don't really have to venture far, that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places, if we just take time to find it.
  • My City - Randy Lukian Story has video
    These are some photos I took of Edmonton. The music is Tina Turner's Simply the Best. I have lived in Edmonton all my 51 years, and I must agree Edmonton is simply the best.
  • My Home in the Forest - Joy L. Magnusson Story has video
    Some of my history books say the first people who walked here called this place “Amiskwaciwaskakikan.”
  • Peaceful City of Nations - Bob Coe Story has video
    Edmonton’s Heritage Festival is a long midsummer weekend of cascading sounds, smells and colourful sights as nationalities from around the world display their foods, dances, traditions and histories.
  • Ribbon of Green - David Hryciuk Story has video
    For me, Edmonton has always been a wonderful, marvelous place to call home.
  • Spring 2005 - Kristen Finlay Story has video
    In the spring of 2005 my family had a difficult decision to make.
  • This Is My City - Colin Nekolaichuk Story has video
    Edmonton is the perfect place to grow up. Quiet neighbourhoods, an abundance of parks, culture and festivals, and the amenities of a big city combine for year-round kid-friendly fun.
  • Two-Wheeled Adventures - Sarah Chan Story has video
    My bicycle has given me a new lease on life in Edmonton now that I leave the car key at home when I go out to visit my favourite haunts.

Eligible Written Stories

  • 95 & Jive: Dancing Dan! - Ken Strickland
    Living here in the west end has given me occasion to become familiar with one of our celebrity locals, Dancing Dan.
  • A City of Loving and Living - Cheryl Kerr
    In fact, her son Tom’s friend, Tommy Banks, preferred Helen’s chocolate chip cookies to the ones his own mother made.
  • A Core Crew Story - The Core Crew
    Once upon a time there was a group of five summer students all dressed in red.
  • A Daily Feast - Sandra L. Hatch
    I discovered the secret ingredient to Edmonton. It is and always will be generated from the heart.
  • A Day I Will Never Forget - Deserae Kehler
    So maybe it wasn’t the best day of my life, but who else in Edmonton has a wedding story like that?
  • A Lesser Known Edmonton - Todd Smith
    Within the next year I had come out to my family, which was only possible with the great friends I had met and grown to love, both within the gay and greater Edmonton communities.
  • A Night Closer Than Our Days - Maslah Abdirahman
    We all sang the same song holding hands and hugging. The funny thing was when we left downtown after we saw the fireworks we still sang together with a lot of random people on the train.
  • A Resident of Edmonton As A Plant - Budd
    I grew out of one of Edmonton’s lush ravines, a quiet place. A place that cultivated my roots at my most absorbent phase of life. A place, much like the rest of Edmonton, that is sensitive to the changing seasons.
  • A Salute to Your History - Denise Daubert
    I'm proud to say that my family is a part of Edmonton's history and has been since my paternal and maternal great-grandparents settled in Edmonton in the early 1900s. I'm grateful they chose Edmonton!
  • A Simple Story - Susan Purdy
    My story is simple. It's about a 17-year-old girl 3000 miles from home.
  • A Small Holiday - Patricia Proskurniak
    The first night out for my daughter after having her first child was at The Rev (now the Starlite Room), where we had to leave Sarah Slean’s performance early.
  • A Soul Awakening in Edmonton - Judy Wollman
    A profound moment happened that got me off the street: my neighbor offered to give me some light. I was very skeptical, yet her place was filled with joyous, beautiful, spiritual energy, and I wanted to experience more.
  • A Spontaneous Decision - Dianna Bowes
    This city has changed, and I was only a few miles away and had no idea. Around every corner is an opportunity to discover something new.
  • A Strange Way of Growing On You - Riki Roy
    We were living in Tanzania when our young son decided he wanted to do nanotechnology. I found that the University of Alberta would be starting this program. But where was this place called Edmonton?
  • All Aboard! - Glenn Kubish
    It was the day of Sonia and Raoul’s wedding, and that happy event was what got us into Fort Edmonton Park.
  • All the Small Things - Liane Little
    It's all of the small things, the good people, that make Edmonton what it is.
  • Can't Fry A Hurricane - Harma-Mae Smit
    I wasn’t really an Oilers' fan this year. It was my grade twelve year — my most important year of school — much more important than hockey.
  • Cappuccino Affair - Patti Navarro
    This story/poem occurred on April 29, 2000. That is a very important fact as the cafe I mention is no longer opened. This captures a special moment I had in Edmonton.
  • Change - Alison Cairns
    Gradually, as time passed, I came to be more comfortable living on my own, dining at a table for one, and going to movies without anyone to share my popcorn.
  • Christmas Eve Kindness - Kathy Holler
    We lived in 2 rooms with the luxury of sharing 1 shelf in a refrigerator which stood in the hallway, and it was rarely filled.
  • Coincidence? Maybe not... - Martin Galba
    I couldn't find the location of the studio; the way the whole address system works was totally new to me. I was about to give up when something in the back of my mind told me to look one last time.
  • Coincidences - Patrice Thomas-Crate
    Before my father’s illness I never understood organ donation. I went with my father for a workshop on organ donation. There were hundreds of people there who needed a transplant just like my father.
  • Coming Home - Kristi Tencarre
    I admit there are times when I miss the ocean and green of the rainforest, but the constant sunshine is a bright reminder of why I love this area of Canada.
  • Crossing One Bridge - Ann Henry
    As I crossed the High Level Bridge today, it reminded me why Edmonton is a great place to call home. My attention was drawn first by the bright blue sky and then the valley which stretches for miles in either direction.
  • Discovering Live Theatre - Mack D. Male
    You can do that here, and it’s awesome. I’m glad I had a friend who was keen to introduce me to the local scene, but don’t let that hold you back.
  • Ed-Ventures - Sheila Edmonds
    My first experiences in Alberta's Capital City felt like a resort holiday.
  • Edmonton by Bicycle - Amy Neufeld
    I really began to understand Edmonton when I started cycling through it. About 4 years ago I adopted the bicycle as my primary, and favourite, mode of transportation.
  • Edmonton Gave Us Our Life Back - Heather Foster
    Instead, his boss and another lady took it upon themselves to seek out help for Chris and find him a doctor accepting new patients. This was a turning point in Chris’s life.
  • Edmonton is the Place to Bee - Shannon Lee Ladouceur
    The big fat industrious bumblebee itself is Edmonton as a whole - as hardworking and cheerful with a buzz and purpose much like this city I have grown to love so much.
  • Edmonton/Paradise - Kelly Jordan
    Armed with nothing more than our bikes and sheer determination, my fifteen-year-old brother, Cory and I scale the hills and the lush forests that engulf our city.
  • Edmonton: City of Discovery - Erin Despas
    When I do go into Edmonton though, with my mother as I don't drive, I am forever being amazed at something new that I find.
  • Embrace - Lisa Hill
    I moved to Edmonton in 1984, from Rhode Island. I was very nervous about my big move, and the only person I knew was my new husband, who had been an Albertan all his life.
  • Establishing Roots - Alison Neuman
    Edmonton is more than my home; it is a place that has nourished many a settler’s past and continues to provide opportunities for growth.
  • Everyday Champions - Kaitlyn Perrin
    It wasn’t until I gave him my last toonie from my pocket and pointed him towards the next bus stop that I realized my wallet went with him on that bus.
  • Eyes Wide-Open with Klondike Mike - Heather Riddell
    All of us cousins were thrilled to see our parents dress in Klondike-style clothing—long dresses, but also a little melancholy as we waved good-bye and our parents left for a night on the town.
  • Falling Head First - Monica Langille
    I was not even into hockey, but I couldn’t help but to fall head first into this exciting world of hockey.
  • Fireworks and a Waterfall in Edmonton - Rachael Smillie
    We truly do live in an amazing city; I can't think of too many with beautiful blue skies, waterfalls, and fantastic fireworks!
  • First Canadian Thanksgiving - Travis Groom
    Everyone had the same idea that no-one should spend Thanksgiving alone. To my surprise, in support of me being American, they even offered to throw an American Thanksgiving in November.
  • First Snow in Canada - Michelle Ramos
    I heard that Edmonton, Alberta has one of the coldest and longest winters, which is approximately half of the year. In my mind, that's absurd! Impossible!
  • For ETS and Edmontonians - Abayomi Charles Roberts
    I was relieved to hear what seemed like a chorus of murmurs: "No problem, go ahead," from the other passengers.
  • Gainers Strike - Nick Puhjera
    As a North Edmonton resident, my fondest memories of my city emerged from events that occurred on 66 Street at the Gainers meatpacking plant.
  • Gateway of Happy Arrival - Karen Carleton
    Moving to Edmonton was only logical for me. I had long lived in the Northwest Territories, traveling to Edmonton for conferences, medical appointments, meetings, shopping and departures for exotic holidays.
  • Glimmering Moments - Stephen T. Berg
    The conductor took as much time as needed and enthusiastically answered the copious questions of a curious and delighted child. My love for Edmonton comes to me through this glimmering minor moment.
  • Growing Up Edmontonian - Donna Hamilton
    There were disorganised games of soccer baseball, football, tag, Mother-May-I, and red-light green-light. There were train tracks to explore, bridges to cross, and rocks to throw.
  • Having a Son in Edmonton - Lili Qin
    Would you like to pursue a dream in new surroundings? Is it exciting, hard or scary? When I became an immigrant, first thing that I did was to have a baby in Edmonton.
  • Hello Neighbour - Ryan Middlemiss
    She was the sweetest old lady who would babysit me. She would make me and only me cookies every weekend. No matter how busy she was, she would find time to make them for me.
  • Home - Wendy Jensen
    My grandfather had been sent to a concentration camp for 6 months during the Second World War after helping the British army hide weapons on his farm. My father was only 4½ years old at the time of grandfather’s arrest.
  • Home Is Where The Heart Is - David McNair
    It was supposed to be a stepping stone, but it turned out to be home.
  • I Am At Home Now - Justina Keewatin
    As a mother, I felt we needed to be together somewhere that everyone would be comfortable and I thought Edmonton might be that place.
  • I Love Edmonton's North Central Communities - Chris Hayduk
    There aren't many places where you can get some of the best Ethiopian cuisine, excellent Thai food, then some of the best Mexican/Salvadorean fare and everything else you might want, all within a few blocks.
  • I Was Leaving For Good - Darlene Marchuk
    My entire world turned upside down and I found myself in palliative care at the University of Alberta Hospital.
  • Impact Edmonton - Grant Shepherd
    Little did I know that 27 years later, I was going to marry one of the girls who rode at that stable. (I know - I am a fast mover for sure).
  • In the Blink of an Eye - Nashtassia Esteban
    Life can be so quick you don’t notice how much you've grown. But I must say: I'm lucky to have lived in Edmonton.
  • Jewel In The River Valley - Tom Puhjera
    My proudest moment was when the staff learned from our former General Manager that Queen Elizabeth II would be staying with us.
  • Just Ordinary Citizens - Wayne Simmons
    I ran to the car, and began a struggle with the man, thinking my daughter was still inside. He engaged the car and accelerated forward with me hanging on only to smash into another vehicle that had stopped to help.
  • Landing The Job That Leads to Love - Debbie Ward
    My first career was in tourism and travel.
  • Leaving a Legacy - Shirley Zago
    Ethan Zago was only 5 years old when he was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma, a rare and rapid type of cancer. After numerous tests, it was already at stage 3 and had spread to his chest, lungs, and abdomen.
  • Life in the Big City - Bonnie Caron
    In 1999, the mine in Grand Cache went bankrupt. Along with about 400 other families, we were suddenly out of jobs and had to move somewhere else.
  • Lottery Winners with Winter-Cold Noses - Bev Betkowski
    As the human plaything of 3 cats myself, my heart warms when I see a news story about a rescued scrap of fur, and how the offers of a forever home pour in over the next few days.
  • Love Conquers All - Lisa Kozak
    Never had I been more proud of my son. Or more ashamed of my own ignorance. It may have been the third day of school for them, but I was the one who learned the lesson that day.
  • Loving It - Tracy Gabriel
    The other day I was walking to work and a monk was walking by, I passed him a friendly smile and he stopped and blessed me.
  • Match - Melanie Braund
    I found an advertisement in the newspaper for Match.com and figured I should just check it out since I was not finding Mr. Right in grocery stores.
  • Maximum Experience - Kent McKay
    Fast forward to 2009—those roots are growing deeper and the warmth of the community, along with the city's many experience-oriented gems make me increasingly proud to call Edmonton home.
  • Meeting the Love of my Life at WEM...Who Knew? - Tammy Farkes
    It was during my first visit to Edmonton that I met the love of my life. Back in April 1996, I was at the tail end of a vacation with friends.
  • My Canadian Atlas - Rita Edison-White
    While cleaning a closet last week, I came across the atlas we used when we left Halifax, westward-bound for Edmonton, Alberta. That was August 2001. What wonderful memories!
  • My Edmonton - Kat Flannery
    It is here, I can be a part of the world that lived so long before me. It is where I can bring my children to learn the history of Edmonton.
  • My Edmonton Has It All - Sheila Butterwick
    When I think of Edmonton, I think of home. I say we’ve got it all. A remarkable skyline, an incomparable conservatory, and one of the grandest bridges I’ve ever seen.
  • My First Time on the Mindbender - Marie Drake
    The idea was hatched even before class had started. Me and my cousin are going to go ride the Mindbender after class today.
  • My New Life - Lisa Holmes
    My Edmonton story began on my day one—February 22, 1980.
  • No Need for Comparison - Kevin McLeod
    People would often ask me, "Whoa, California!? Why did you come back?"
  • Not a Hockey Game or a Pile of Rocks - Paul Balanchuk
    I was born in this city at Edmonton General Hospital in 1966 and after 43 years considering what was a defining moment that I felt truly an Edmontonian?
  • One Common Thing - Lori Sharkey
    Over 1000 people came. Young, old, able-bodied, wheelchair-bound; people of all shapes and sizes; people of all ethnic backgrounds. What did they all have in common?
  • One Small Step - Lalaine Quinto
    I applied as a nanny here in Canada and ended up in a farm in Fallis, Alberta. I have relatives and college friends living in different places in Canada, compared to the place where I was living in is boring.
  • Our Great City: Then and Now - Sherry Laderoute
    I remember when my Dad was working on the Fort Edmonton replica when they were first building it. My Mom and a sister and a brother used to go and take him supper up that way sometimes.
  • Our Park - Taliah Budzilka
    Of all the things there is to love about Edmonton my favourite would have to be the parks. Having lived here all my life, several of my fondest memories were held there.
  • Our Story is Far From Over - Jolanta Lapiak
    Our story is far from over. There will be many more chapters to explore and to write.
  • Paralympian - Sonny Davis
    I live a “walk and roll” lifestyle. Some days I feel good to walk and others I’ll take to the chair, ergo: “Sonny and Chair.” Sorry, bad wheelchair joke.
  • Pragmatism - Callum MacKendrick
    Edmontonians have a reputation as pragmatists, so it is maybe not surprising that one of the things Edmonton does best (maybe better than anywhere else) is handling garbage.
  • Pulse of the City - Melanie Teichroeb
    I'm a small-town girl, born in the Parkland County and raised on dreams I found etched in the prairie sky.
  • Purple City S'mores - Lisa Bromley
    The security guards stopped by once or twice to see what exactly it was that we were up to. Each time we smiled sweetly and offered them a marshmallow, and each time they politely declined.
  • Sense of Wonder - Amber Williams
    I do not come from what anyone would call a well off family, and so the move was a little difficult.
  • Sojourn - Alison Clarke
    A poem about Edmonton's Whyte Avenue
  • Something for Every Taste - Kane Lambert
    This event shows the true character of hockey fans in Edmonton. Minus 27 with an extreme wind chill and we still put 57,167 cold but excited butts in the seats.
  • Start Anew - Dianne Lopez
    Eagerly I walked the streets of Robson, went around in Stanley Park, and strolled by Granville Island, but I still felt like I didn’t belong. I missed Edmonton.
  • Subtle Aspects - Ryan Madej
    Having grown up in Edmonton and lived here my whole life, I've learned what I love the most about this city is what it’s not in comparison to other cities of the world.
  • Sunshine Sketches of a Beautiful City - Carolyn Hall
    Looking for the best place on earth to live? Then focus your Google Earth search on north Edmonton and hone in on Beaumaris Lake.
  • Taking in Our River Valley - Eugene Ip
    Flowing glacially in a traffic jam of metallic snails, I am a mesmerized sightseer in the comfort of my vehicle, just letting the sweeping river valley panorama impress me for a prolonged IMAX sensation.
  • Taking It To The Citizens - Lena Fernandes
    Who would have thought that someone born in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, raised in Nairobi, Kenya, with Goan, Indian heritage would be such a diehard Edmontonian?
  • The Bay of Canola Fields - Tanya Edison
    I pulled over, turned off my car and stared out into the horizon. The endlessness, the openness, that feeling of no limits lifted my heart and waves of content swept away my doubts.
  • The Day The Whale Came By - Harley Reid
    I live on the ninth floor of an apartment building perched on the south bank of the mighty North Saskatchewan River.
  • The Girl in the Hat - Wayne Arthurson
    My first thought (and one shared by many Calgarians if and when they have to move to Edmonton) was, Okay, I'll move to Edmonton, but I'll only stay here a couple years at the most.
  • The Jackrabbit Made Me Do It - Rebecca Szoladi
    I got a crappy job, had no friends, and it was -35. I was miserable and really missed the Okanagan weather and the life I'd had there. I wondered what the heck I had done to my life by moving to this godforsaken place.
  • The Trip Across - Robina Zyp
    I will never forget the look on our collie’s face at the sight. What the heck have you gotten me into? I wondered that myself.
  • The U of A Way - Dawn Ford
    I didn't pay much attention to the young man as he knelt on his prayer shawl beneath a campus spruce tree. He was still and seemed at peace. It felt good just knowing that.
  • The Wedding Cup - Ann Moritz
    That was the night that the Stanley Cup came to Edmonton for the first time out west, with Wayne Gretzky and the dream team on the ice.
  • Three Gentle Men - Elise Vanovermeire
    I always had this feeling like there was something or someone very important here, so I decided it was what was needed to be done, even though I was leaving all my friends back in Saskatoon.
  • Tornado 1987 - Katherine Schwabenbauer
    It was in 1987 when the tornado hit our city. I, along with many was in shock and disbelief over what had happened and I felt the need to help.
  • Trees Like Crystal - Shantelle Henderson
    When I stepped off the plane it was January 21, 1999 and it was -28. It was soooo cold my whole body went into shock till I got to my dad’s house. But that all disappeared the next day when it started to snow.
  • Virtue Is Its Own Reward - LaVerne Quennell
    The wallet contained several hundred dollars but he refused a reward. He represents what Edmonton is about.
  • We Shared a Secret Smile - Jacqueline Ashmore
    Good old West Edmonton Mall. We looked at each other while it dawned on us what she was talking about. We shared a secret smile only Edmontonians can have.
  • We're Almost a Family - Anthony Matthews
    It feels some days like we're almost a family, like somehow everyone here is contributing their part to making this city into something great, which is in no doubt the direction it is going.
  • Where a Country Boy Can Stay - Dylan Pitman
    The Edmonton river valley is what makes Edmonton a city unlike any other, a city a country boy can live in and stay sane.
  • Where Everybody Knows Your Name - Janet LeBlanc
    I grew up in the neighbourhood with Daryl Katz, went to the same school and played tennis together at our community courts.
  • You Grow Up One Way Or The Other - Emmy Stuebing
    When you grow up in Red Deer, you are either an Edmonton fan or a Calgary fan.

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