Festivals & Events

Edmonton lives up to its reputation as Festival City with over 30 annual festivals. Explore the city’s unique and cultural festivals all year round!

Edmontonians Love Their Festivals.

  • Mini Donut Madness - Matthew Dringenberg User submitted story Story has video
    I was very excited when I found out there was a chance for me to go out with my video camera and film all the aspects of Edmonton and then share it with other people.


  • Edmonton's Labatt Blues Festival - Blues International Story has video
    Edmontonians love their blues music. Edmonton’s Labatt Blues Festival is Western Canada’s premier blues event. The festival takes place for 3 days every August in Hawrelak Park’s Heritage Amphitheatre.
  • Magical Volunteer Army - The Magical Volunteer Army Story has video
    What does it take to become one of the world's best folk festivals? Blood, sweat, toil, and tears? Definitely. Volunteers? Absolutely. Watch 2 short videos to find out what keeps everyone coming back each year.
  • Yardbird Suite - Yardbird Suite Story has video
    Hear about one of Canada's hippest Jazz venues.


  • A Place for Movies - Guy Lavallee Story has video
    Lights. Camera. Action! At the Edmonton International Film Festival, it’s is all about the people behind the scenes – directors, writers, producers – who bring stories to life.
  • dEdmonton: City of Halloween Horrors - Derek Clayton
    DEDFest is actually Canada’s only true horror film festival. There’re other festivals that go on, but they’re all genre.
  • Discovering Live Theatre - Mack D. Male User submitted story
    You can do that here, and it’s awesome. I’m glad I had a friend who was keen to introduce me to the local scene, but don’t let that hold you back.
  • We're Not Gonna Do Shakespeare... - Nextfest Story has video
    Nextfest runs for approximately 10 days every year. The festival provides professional development opportunities for artists, and has over 80 performances in several venues in Edmonton’s downtown area.

Visual Art & Dance

  • Art Walk - Kim Fjorbotten Story has video
    The Art Walk is an event where over 300 artists paint and draw on Whyte Avenue for 3 days.
  • Feats Festival of Dance - Alberta Dance Alliance Story has video
    There are endless opportunities to learn all types of dance in Edmonton. There are province- and city-wide competitions, festivals, and workshops as well as many studios to help perfect your technique. And if you like to watch dance from around Canada and the world, the annual Feats Festival of Dance is a must-attend festival.
  • This Art Thing - Dawn Detarando Story has video
    I'm from Boston originally, so when I came to Red Deer years ago, they said, “Oh yeah, there's this thing, this art thing, you might want to go to.”


  • A Pink Year - Treena Fenniak User submitted story Story has video
    Suddenly, a crushing blow hit. I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, and everything stopped.
  • Bucking Broncos - Canadian Finals Rodeo Story has video
    The Canadian Finals Rodeo (CFR) is a world-class event that attracts some of the best in the bucking business. In the CFR videos, you’ll meet 4 of the 2009 contestants, as well as rodeo clown CrAsh Cooper.
  • Fun on Ice - Edmonton Speed Skating Association Story has video
    On, February 15, 2010, the Edmontonstories team went to the Edmonton Speed Skating Association’s Fun on Ice event at Victoria Oval. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for this event. Families, couples, and speed skating fanatics skated around the oval enjoying the warm sunshine.


  • Half a Lion - Ian Meier
    When I was still taking kung fu, I had the opportunity to take part in Edmonton’s Chinese New Year celebrations. The community all comes out and the streets are just filled with people.
  • Homesick For Edmonton! - Olga Rojas User submitted story Story has video
    When I arrived to Edmonton for the first time, I was 19 years old. I had come with both my parents, and my three sisters and three brothers, all of us single.
  • Peaceful City of Nations - Bob Coe User submitted story Story has video
    Edmonton’s Heritage Festival is a long midsummer weekend of cascading sounds, smells and colourful sights as nationalities from around the world display their foods, dances, traditions and histories.
  • Where My Heart Is - Teresa Fisher User submitted story Story has video
    What can I say about Edmonton? I was born and bred here. I used to think that I wanted nothing more than to leave and explore the world. Well, I still do - the exploring part that is.

Family Fun

  • Edmonton Int'l Street Performers Festival - Edmonton Int'l Street Performers Festival Story has video
    If you’re a street performer or a fan of street performers, coming to Edmonton is a must. This festival celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2009, and has entertained 4 million visitors in that time.
  • Festival for Kids - Lucien Levesque User submitted story Story has video
    St. Albert in the greater Edmonton area recently hosted the International Children's Festival. I had such an amazing time and enjoyed so much being a part of a great festival for kids.
  • Happy Canada Day - Trevor Stenson User submitted story Story has video
    It made me glad my son is growing up in such a great community and proud as an Edmontonian, Albertan, and Canadian.
  • Winter Light - Winter Light Festival Story has video
    The Winter Light festival is a winter celebration featuring events that showcase our beautiful winter city. The festival was created to encourage Edmontonians to get outdoors and enjoy winter events.

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