University of Alberta

Check out the stories below  – told by real Edmontonians – for the inside scoop on student life at the University of Alberta (U of A).

Proud home to the U of A, Edmonton is an energetic, modern city of more than one million people – you’ll find it’s just the right size. Situated right next to our city’s beautiful river valley, the U of A’s main campus is just a few minutes’ walk from Edmonton’s popular Whyte Avenue, offering shopping, cafés and nightlife aplenty.

The Students

  • Green & Gold - Eric Hunter Story has video
    Eric Hunter came to study in Edmonton from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He has since lived in the city for five years. On top of being a University of Alberta student, he plays on the university’s Golden Bears Mens hockey team.
  • New Game Plan: Edmonton's Next Gen - Dianna User submitted story
    I came to Edmonton from Vancouver a few years ago to pursue my PhD. The program at the University of Alberta is world class and I was so excited. However, upon hearing I was relocating to Edmonton my friends were aghast.
  • Spring Tryouts - Guillaume Petit
    Imagine 4 football players in a car driving 48 hours nonstop to get here for spring camp. It was a cheap way to go, only about $700 for the car, gas and everything between Quebec City and Edmonton.
  • Why I Chose Edmonton - Ada Tai User submitted story
    I came to Edmonton as an international student and was always asked the same question, Why did you choose to come to Edmonton?

The Culture

  • A Strange Way of Growing On You - Riki Roy User submitted story
    We were living in Tanzania when our young son decided he wanted to do nanotechnology. I found that the University of Alberta would be starting this program. But where was this place called Edmonton?
  • Potluck - Nan Gai
    When I first arrived she helped me with the transition to this culture. To the community, and school especially. It saved a lot of time, because when you’re new to a country, sometimes you just don’t know what to do.
  • The U of A Way - Dawn Ford User submitted story
    I didn't pay much attention to the young man as he knelt on his prayer shawl beneath a campus spruce tree. He was still and seemed at peace. It felt good just knowing that.

The Profs

  • A Mission of Diversity - Margaret-Ann Armour
    I applied to various universities throughout Canada and heard back from the University of Alberta. They sent me a reply along with a pre-paid cable for my response. I accepted, and it was an incredible decision.
  • Northern Lights - Ian Mann
    I’m a big believer in the idea that science should be something that’s understandable to the average person. I hope to impact Edmontonians with the research that’s being done in space science in this city.
  • The Wild West - Dr. David Bressler
    Edmonton is a young city in a lot of ways. I don’t want to say it’s the Wild West, but it kind of is. There’s a lot of opportunity for people who are ambitious and want to try and do things and make an impact themselves.
  • Traces: LA, Honolulu & Edmonton - Heather Zwicker
    The truth is the idea for teaching the Edmonton course was seeded in something I did a few years ago.

The Setting

  • City Canvas: A Wonderful Surprise - Mark Wilson Story has video
    What does the Garneau Tree, art, and getting your start in radio have in common? Watch Mark's videos to find out.
  • Edmonton/Paradise - Kelly Jordan User submitted story
    Armed with nothing more than our bikes and sheer determination, my fifteen-year-old brother, Cory and I scale the hills and the lush forests that engulf our city.
  • Running Through the River Valley - Victoria Elliott User submitted story
    The sun is a crimson promise on the horizon as we set off on our jog through the River Valley. I hate running, but I love cheesecake. I need to do one to have the other.
  • Smooth - Caitlin Bauer User submitted story Story has audio
    Smooth is a short, quirky Whyte Ave tale from a September night two years ago. The birthday girl's friends are an hour late, but a strange elderly man brightens her evening.
  • Two-Wheeled Adventures - Sarah Chan User submitted story Story has video
    My bicycle has given me a new lease on life in Edmonton now that I leave the car key at home when I go out to visit my favourite haunts.

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