Urban Living

Edmonton is a fun and modern city full of great shopping, entertainment, arts and culture, sports, and a vibrant nightlife. And, it comes with the largest stretch of urban parkland in North America nestled in the middle of it all.

Cool Events & Places

  • Art is a Lifestyle - Sandra Sing Fernandes Story has video
    Edmonton's such a creative town. You really don't have to go sit in a big scary city by yourself and work incredibly hard and maybe not get anywhere. There's a strong and thriving arts community.
  • Edmonton Int'l Street Performers Festival - Edmonton Int'l Street Performers Festival Story has video
    If you’re a street performer or a fan of street performers, coming to Edmonton is a must. This festival celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2009, and has entertained 4 million visitors in that time.
  • Everyone Loves a Farmers' Market - Edmonton Farmers’ Market Story has video
    You may not know this, but Edmonton is a bit of a foodie town. Our entrepreneurial growers of fresh produce stock the city's many farmers markets with plenty of locally-grown food.
  • Magical Volunteer Army - The Magical Volunteer Army Story has video
    What does it take to become one of the world's best folk festivals? Blood, sweat, toil, and tears? Definitely. Volunteers? Absolutely. Watch 2 short videos to find out what keeps everyone coming back each year.
  • River, Light, Snow & Art - Randall Stout Story has video
    And then, of course, the presence of snow throughout so many months of the year. We took the position that it’s something we ought not to hide, but rather celebrate. Even at the time of the competition, we started doing renderings of our design proposal in a snowstorm, trying to think about the aesthetic of the building in that winter condition.
  • Yardbird Suite - Yardbird Suite Story has video
    Hear about one of Canada's hippest Jazz venues.

Sports & Recreation

  • Edmonton/Paradise - Kelly Jordan User submitted story
    Armed with nothing more than our bikes and sheer determination, my fifteen-year-old brother, Cory and I scale the hills and the lush forests that engulf our city.
  • Football Memories - Joanne Christie
    I’m a huge Edmonton Eskimos fan. I’m from a family of 3 daughters, so my poor father had to teach his daughters the rules of football. My world stops when the Eskimos are playing.
  • It's All About Work-Life Balance - Peter Chapman User submitted story
    Stopping really is the best thing I could ever have done.
  • Spring Tryouts - Guillaume Petit
    Imagine 4 football players in a car driving 48 hours nonstop to get here for spring camp. It was a cheap way to go, only about $700 for the car, gas and everything between Quebec City and Edmonton.
  • Two-Wheeled Adventures - Sarah Chan User submitted story Story has video
    My bicycle has given me a new lease on life in Edmonton now that I leave the car key at home when I go out to visit my favourite haunts.

Serendipitous City — Living in Edmonton

  • Converting a Calgarian - Ryan Jespersen User submitted story
    The number 99 haunted me growing up. Unlike most present-day Edmontonians, I grew up wearing red and yellow hockey sweaters - not orange and blue. Wayne Gretzky didn't make my childhood hockey dreams come true...he killed them. To this day, it frustrates me to no end, knowing there's no rebuttal for "Five Cups."
  • Darling Alexis - Aaron Langvand User submitted story Story has video
    Encountering the Old Strathcona Foundation's enthusiasm for the idea and Jill Wright's acceptance to be a part of the production goaded me into writing the script—lightning fast –and DARLING ALEXIS was ushered into the world.
  • Home Of Strange Records - Aaron Levin
    Folkways was this label from New York City by Moses Asch. It was a very forward-thinking, independent label. Moses wanted to capture sounds that would’ve otherwise been lost because they weren’t commercially viable.
  • Location: Collection Agency - Trevor Anderson
    I think I creeped out the poor young woman on the line. Finally I just said, “Let me talk to your supervisor!” and the woman put her supervisor on the phone.
  • Purple City S'mores - Lisa Bromley User submitted story
    The security guards stopped by once or twice to see what exactly it was that we were up to. Each time we smiled sweetly and offered them a marshmallow, and each time they politely declined.
  • Russian Literature: Cadence Weapon - Roland Pemberton Story has video
    I played a show in Charlottetown, PEI, and I met a girl with a hat on that said Republic of Alberta. I thought this was hilarious, so I asked her where she got it.
  • Smooth - Caitlin Bauer User submitted story Story has audio
    Smooth is a short, quirky Whyte Ave tale from a September night two years ago. The birthday girl's friends are an hour late, but a strange elderly man brightens her evening.

Great Shopping

  • A Chocolate Boutique - Kerstin Roos Story has video
    Nobody else is really doing what I’m doing here. It was funny when I set up my suppliers for the store, because nobody from Alberta had ever ordered these chocolates. Some of the bars are exclusive to us.
  • Single Best Find/Mistake - Tony Vesseur
    I’ve got a lot of really good customers who are really devoted to the store. Who really support the store. The guy who bought the lamp comes up from Calgary to shop here all the time.
  • The Aprikat Beer Story - Neil & Lavonne Herbst Story has video
    The first apricot beer we tried was Pyramid Breweries’ Apricot Ale. It was a hot summer day and we were at a pub somewhere in Montana. We remember thinking, “Wow, we’ve got to try something like this ourselves.”

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