What are some of the most beautiful places in and around Edmonton?

Right in the centre of the city, Edmonton's river valley is magnificent. Within an hour's drive, you can visit Elk Island National Park and view wildlife like bison and elk in their natural habitat. And the majestic Rocky Mountains are a only few hours away.

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  • 100-Mile Diet
    One-hundred-mile diet-wise, I grew up doing that in Nova Scotia. That’s the way we lived. When I started doing it in Edmonton, it created a greater sense of community with the surrounding area.
  • A Big Giant Hippie Sport
    It’s a good way to meet people. You don’t socialize just with your team. You talk to the person who’s marking you. That’s completely not normal in other sports.
  • A City of Loving and Living User submitted story
    In fact, her son Tom’s friend, Tommy Banks, preferred Helen’s chocolate chip cookies to the ones his own mother made.
  • A City of Many Paths
    Margot enjoys her life in Edmonton and she believes that the city’s extensive river valley trails could be a metaphor for the boundless opportunities here.
  • Canada Day Criterium Story has video
    Host of the Canada Day Criterium, the Edmonton Juventus Cycling Club offers great riding and racing opportunities to all age groups. Members are beginner to national team level cyclists who enjoy track cycling, mountain biking, and cycle cross and road racing.
  • Cappuccino Affair User submitted story
    This story/poem occurred on April 29, 2000. That is a very important fact as the cafe I mention is no longer opened. This captures a special moment I had in Edmonton.
  • Downtown Surprise User submitted story
    Of course, living on the busiest street of downtown Edmonton meant that life was always moving, and Jasper Avenue provided all the charms of that energetic downtown lifestyle.
  • Edmonton is the Place to Bee User submitted story
    The big fat industrious bumblebee itself is Edmonton as a whole - as hardworking and cheerful with a buzz and purpose much like this city I have grown to love so much.
  • Feels Like Home To Me
    It’s been a long time since I actually felt that a place is home. I stood there realizing, “Yeah, this is home, and they are my friends.” I’m going to be hanging out with them for years.
  • First Snow in Canada User submitted story
    I heard that Edmonton, Alberta has one of the coldest and longest winters, which is approximately half of the year. In my mind, that's absurd! Impossible!
  • Fun on Ice Story has video
    On, February 15, 2010, the Edmontonstories team went to the Edmonton Speed Skating Association’s Fun on Ice event at Victoria Oval. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for this event. Families, couples, and speed skating fanatics skated around the oval enjoying the warm sunshine.
  • I Love Christmas in the City User submitted story
    One of my favorite childhood memories is Christmastime. Even as an adult the city of Edmonton still holds a magnetic draw for me during the festive season.
  • Leaving Edmonton User submitted story
    Several years ago on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, my husband and I left our home on the East Coast of Canada to drive to Edmonton for work.
  • Making Good News
    I’d always been in the river valley. I’d been in it every day, canoed it, gone up and down it in a Zodiac.
  • Mill Creek Miscellany User submitted story
    Growing up next to Mill Creek Ravine can teach you a thing or two about life. Colin recalls his never-ending creekside adventures.
  • My All-New Heaven On Earth User submitted story
    I can’t say I am a nature lover for certain because that would imply so much depth and would be a tall claim, but the reservoir truly gives me an extraordinary feeling of sensitivity.
  • Our Great City: Then and Now User submitted story
    I remember when my Dad was working on the Fort Edmonton replica when they were first building it. My Mom and a sister and a brother used to go and take him supper up that way sometimes.
  • Our Park User submitted story
    Of all the things there is to love about Edmonton my favourite would have to be the parks. Having lived here all my life, several of my fondest memories were held there.
  • Our Picturesque Valley User submitted story
    Every morning I pinch myself with the beautiful view of our river valley and Victoria golf course. It is like going on a holiday every day.
  • Peace in the Dog Park Story has video User submitted story
    Edmonton is a vibrant community with many hidden treasures. I find my peace at a local dog park. Mill Woods is a south-side neighborhood with great restaurants and walking trails.
  • Rediscovering Edmonton User submitted story
    I decided to approach living in Edmonton like I was in a new and exciting city I had never lived in before. I soon discovered I had more things to do than I had the time or money for.
  • Run!
    If I have to I’ll walk...but my pride won’t allow me to do that. I’m terrible. I’m still competitive with myself. Oh yeah, I’ll just hold that torch up like it’s nothing. I know I’ll get emotional. It has such meaning to me. I’m getting teary just thinking about it.
  • Smooth Story has audio User submitted story
    Smooth is a short, quirky Whyte Ave tale from a September night two years ago. The birthday girl's friends are an hour late, but a strange elderly man brightens her evening.
  • Start Anew User submitted story
    Eagerly I walked the streets of Robson, went around in Stanley Park, and strolled by Granville Island, but I still felt like I didn’t belong. I missed Edmonton.
  • Summer at the Alberta Legislature Story has video
    Edmontonians know how to embrace the city’s long, warm summer days – they head to the cooling waters of the pools and fountains at Edmonton’s Alberta Legislature Grounds.
  • The Future's Wide Open
    My plane touched down at the Edmonton International Airport on a chilly evening in December 2005. It was a world away from the gentle dusting of snow we’d get in Brighton, England, where I’m from.
  • The Jackrabbit Made Me Do It User submitted story
    I got a crappy job, had no friends, and it was -35. I was miserable and really missed the Okanagan weather and the life I'd had there. I wondered what the heck I had done to my life by moving to this godforsaken place.
  • There's No Place like HOME! User submitted story
    Over the 17 years while I was abroad, I was asked where was home. Edmonton was always the answer. Funny how that is. I’ve lived in a lot of exotic places, but my family is all here, my best friends are here and even with some new additions, the city is still the same.
  • This Is My City Story has video User submitted story
    Edmonton is the perfect place to grow up. Quiet neighbourhoods, an abundance of parks, culture and festivals, and the amenities of a big city combine for year-round kid-friendly fun.
  • A Mission of Diversity
    I applied to various universities throughout Canada and heard back from the University of Alberta. They sent me a reply along with a pre-paid cable for my response. I accepted, and it was an incredible decision.
  • A Peregrine Mission Story has video
    On August 26, 2010, Edmonton Fire Rescue’s Technical Rescue Team rappelled down the High Level Bridge to install housing nests for a pair of nesting peregrine falcons.
  • Circus City
    It’s a lot of work, but I can’t stop doing it. I love it too much. We’re the only company that offers the classes and then works with our students to create theatre together.
  • Establishing Roots User submitted story
    Edmonton is more than my home; it is a place that has nourished many a settler’s past and continues to provide opportunities for growth.
  • Immense Mode
    Yeah, there’re a lot of bricks involved. They came to us wet in Red Deer. On 16 pallets. And each pallet weighed about 2 tons. We had to store them inside so they didn’t freeze.
  • Opportunity in Edmonton Story has video
    Bob, an engineer originally from the UK, moved to Edmonton to start a new position with Stantec – and he loved it here. Moving to Edmonton meant he could afford a home twice the size of one he would have in the UK and gave him access to over 84 golf courses within an hour’s drive – a golfer’s dream.
  • A Place for Movies Story has video
    Lights. Camera. Action! At the Edmonton International Film Festival, it’s is all about the people behind the scenes – directors, writers, producers – who bring stories to life.
  • A Sunny Day in Edmonton User submitted story
    You Edmontonians are really awesome people. When I was walking along the streets trying to get in as many sights as I could, people were going out of their way to help me experience their beautiful city.
  • Cabbage Soup is Very Normal User submitted story
    In 2003, after 22 years away from home, K. Maryniak came home to Edmonton. She's convinced there is no better place in the world to live as a Ukrainian.
  • Canadian Finals Rodeo 2005 Story has video User submitted story
    When I remember November 9, 2005, cowboys and cowgirls, beautiful horses and big cows, a lot of colours and lights, a lot of sounds and smiles come to mind.
  • Edmonton's Labatt Blues Festival Story has video
    Edmontonians love their blues music. Edmonton’s Labatt Blues Festival is Western Canada’s premier blues event. The festival takes place for 3 days every August in Hawrelak Park’s Heritage Amphitheatre.
  • Marveling at the Muttart User submitted story
    The Muttart has always been one of my favourite attractions in Edmonton. No matter what the season, you can enjoy the flora and fauna of different countries and climates.
  • Meeting the Love of my Life at WEM...Who Knew? User submitted story
    It was during my first visit to Edmonton that I met the love of my life. Back in April 1996, I was at the tail end of a vacation with friends.
  • Motorcycling in Edmonton Story has video User submitted story
    This ride took me from our home in Capilano (Capilano is the neighbourhood above the southeast corner of the Capilano Bridge) to Groat Road & 107 Avenue with no stops!
  • My Edmonton Has It All User submitted story
    When I think of Edmonton, I think of home. I say we’ve got it all. A remarkable skyline, an incomparable conservatory, and one of the grandest bridges I’ve ever seen.
  • My Fab Fringe Festival Experience - Part II User submitted story
    Edmonton is a wonderful place in summer for festivals. Here's more what people have to say about their Fab Fringe Festival Experience!
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    This is an audio piece about the Alberta Legislature and the way it brings people in the city together through the seasons.
  • Tour of Edmonton User submitted story
    I’ll never forget the 10-day visit from my folks – Ted, my Dad, Uncle Harold and Aunt Eileen, and 11-year-old nephew Ben. They arrived via Air Canada on a warm, beautiful Canada Day.

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