What’s the community spirit like in Edmonton?

This is a very community-minded city, with a high rate of volunteerism. Edmontonians support more than 1500 registered charities. Neighbourhood and cultural groups are active.

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  • A Lesser Known Edmonton User submitted story
    Within the next year I had come out to my family, which was only possible with the great friends I had met and grown to love, both within the gay and greater Edmonton communities.
  • A Night Closer Than Our Days User submitted story
    We all sang the same song holding hands and hugging. The funny thing was when we left downtown after we saw the fireworks we still sang together with a lot of random people on the train.
  • A Ride to Remember User submitted story
    Chris is an Edmontonian, a constable with the Edmonton Police Service, and a Harley enthusiast. He is riding his bike across Canada to raise money to fight Multiple Sclerosis.
  • A Salute to Your History User submitted story
    I'm proud to say that my family is a part of Edmonton's history and has been since my paternal and maternal great-grandparents settled in Edmonton in the early 1900s. I'm grateful they chose Edmonton!
  • An Active, Outspoken Community User submitted story
    Not my baby! This is NOT happening to my child, was Debbie's first reaction when she found her son Kent would be severely handicapped. Kent is now 30 and thanks to the special needs community he is able to enjoy a high quality of life. Read more about Debbie's experience in our city.
  • Can't Fry A Hurricane User submitted story
    I wasn’t really an Oilers' fan this year. It was my grade twelve year — my most important year of school — much more important than hockey.
  • Canada Day Criterium Story has video
    Host of the Canada Day Criterium, the Edmonton Juventus Cycling Club offers great riding and racing opportunities to all age groups. Members are beginner to national team level cyclists who enjoy track cycling, mountain biking, and cycle cross and road racing.
  • Caring for Canines
    I never thought I’d be living with nine greyhounds. But after falling in love with this often inhumanely treated breed there was no turning back.
  • Christmas Eve Kindness User submitted story
    We lived in 2 rooms with the luxury of sharing 1 shelf in a refrigerator which stood in the hallway, and it was rarely filled.
  • Coming Back Home Story has video User submitted story
    This video is a personal narrative of my experience in Edmonton's natural parks. Upon going for a walk down Whitemud Creek, I truly realized how lucky I am to be from Edmonton.
  • Crossing One Bridge User submitted story
    As I crossed the High Level Bridge today, it reminded me why Edmonton is a great place to call home. My attention was drawn first by the bright blue sky and then the valley which stretches for miles in either direction.
  • Discovering Two Sides of Edmonton
    I’ve discovered if you get involved, there's a lot to keep you busy in Edmonton. When I first got here I volunteered, met some really great people and made some fabulous friends. It's how my social network started.
  • Downtown Dwellers Story has video User submitted story
    What’s it like to live in downtown Edmonton? The Edmontonstories team met up with some downtown dwellers who wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Meet Kassie, Eric, Josh and Kent and learn what living in downtown Edmonton means to them.
  • Downtown Surprise User submitted story
    Of course, living on the busiest street of downtown Edmonton meant that life was always moving, and Jasper Avenue provided all the charms of that energetic downtown lifestyle.
  • Eclipsing Shinny
    As I played hockey with other rookie women of all ages and backgrounds one February several years ago, we watched a lunar eclipse unfold over the outdoor rink.
  • Edmonton Chinese Garden User submitted story
    Nothing fills my heart with dread more than the question, “Where are you from?” As a Chinese-Canadian, I know that when I answer “Alberta,” this will prompt the inevitable follow-up query: “no, where are you really from?”
  • Football Memories
    I’m a huge Edmonton Eskimos fan. I’m from a family of 3 daughters, so my poor father had to teach his daughters the rules of football. My world stops when the Eskimos are playing.
  • Fun on Ice Story has video
    On, February 15, 2010, the Edmontonstories team went to the Edmonton Speed Skating Association’s Fun on Ice event at Victoria Oval. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for this event. Families, couples, and speed skating fanatics skated around the oval enjoying the warm sunshine.
  • Half a Lion
    When I was still taking kung fu, I had the opportunity to take part in Edmonton’s Chinese New Year celebrations. The community all comes out and the streets are just filled with people.
  • How the Dead Brought Me to Edmonton User submitted story
    I find it fascinating how flabbergasted some people are when I say I’ve moved to Edmonton for graduate studies. Several times, they’ve reminded me of the city’s well-earned nickname “Dedmonton.” Ironically, it was the dead that brought me here.
  • I Love Edmonton's North Central Communities User submitted story
    There aren't many places where you can get some of the best Ethiopian cuisine, excellent Thai food, then some of the best Mexican/Salvadorean fare and everything else you might want, all within a few blocks.
  • Jasper Magpies User submitted story
    I consider the magpies of downtown Edmonton to be companions of sorts. Spring, summer, winter, or fall - the little pranksters can usually found dipping and weaving like feathered kites down the city.
  • Leaving a Legacy User submitted story
    Ethan Zago was only 5 years old when he was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma, a rare and rapid type of cancer. After numerous tests, it was already at stage 3 and had spread to his chest, lungs, and abdomen.
  • Living in #YEG Story has video User submitted story
    This video is a combination of 10 interviews from new and old residents of Edmonton in different walks of life. I wanted a diverse sample space of opinions to show that Edmonton is truly a world class city.
  • Lottery Winners with Winter-Cold Noses User submitted story
    As the human plaything of 3 cats myself, my heart warms when I see a news story about a rescued scrap of fur, and how the offers of a forever home pour in over the next few days.
  • Maximum Experience User submitted story
    Fast forward to 2009—those roots are growing deeper and the warmth of the community, along with the city's many experience-oriented gems make me increasingly proud to call Edmonton home.
  • McGrew Meets City Hall Story has video User submitted story
    At the Edmonton Poetry Festival, we’re always doing our best to get poetry out and around. So we had this bright idea to stage a flash mob during a City Council meeting. Of course, it had to be something of an inside job.
  • Moose on the Loose User submitted story
    What happens when a moose gets lost in Edmonton? Read Lisa's story to find out.
  • My Love Affair With the Library User submitted story
    Regardless of the weather, there is a crowd waiting for the door to open. When my son sees the library he lights up the same way he lights up when he sees Grandma’s house. He laughs, claps and starts making the ASL sign for “book.”
  • New Game Plan: Edmonton's Next Gen User submitted story
    I came to Edmonton from Vancouver a few years ago to pursue my PhD. The program at the University of Alberta is world class and I was so excited. However, upon hearing I was relocating to Edmonton my friends were aghast.
  • Once Upon a Time, in a Land Far Far Away... Story has video
    This video is not your average fairy tale. Meet 5 Edmontonians who attended the International Day of Sharing Stories.
  • One Common Thing User submitted story
    Over 1000 people came. Young, old, able-bodied, wheelchair-bound; people of all shapes and sizes; people of all ethnic backgrounds. What did they all have in common?
  • Plugged into Edmonton User submitted story
    I asked her what she was doing for Thanksgiving. She said nothing. She had nothing to do on the most delicious holiday of the year.
  • Pragmatism User submitted story
    Edmontonians have a reputation as pragmatists, so it is maybe not surprising that one of the things Edmonton does best (maybe better than anywhere else) is handling garbage.
  • Reaching out from Edmonton
    In the summer of 2010 we decided that Project HOPE needed to facilitate more for our community so we founded a not-for-profit organization.
  • Reveling in the Edmorgasbord User submitted story
    Tamara is an Edmontonian who stays here because of the wonderful cultural diversity found in our city.
  • Smooth Story has audio User submitted story
    Smooth is a short, quirky Whyte Ave tale from a September night two years ago. The birthday girl's friends are an hour late, but a strange elderly man brightens her evening.
  • Spring in the Park User submitted story
    It was an unusually warm April morning in Edmonton, Alberta. My friends and I were enjoying a lazy Saturday morning after a night out celebrating the end of the semester and the beginning of summer.
  • The Bay of Canola Fields User submitted story
    I pulled over, turned off my car and stared out into the horizon. The endlessness, the openness, that feeling of no limits lifted my heart and waves of content swept away my doubts.
  • The Other Oil in Town User submitted story
    Family time is important to the Biros. Here's how they compromised with the age difference in their children.
  • Tornado 1987 User submitted story
    It was in 1987 when the tornado hit our city. I, along with many was in shock and disbelief over what had happened and I felt the need to help.
  • Where Everybody Knows Your Name User submitted story
    I grew up in the neighbourhood with Daryl Katz, went to the same school and played tennis together at our community courts.
  • Winter Light Story has video
    The Winter Light festival is a winter celebration featuring events that showcase our beautiful winter city. The festival was created to encourage Edmontonians to get outdoors and enjoy winter events.
  • A Mission of Diversity
    I applied to various universities throughout Canada and heard back from the University of Alberta. They sent me a reply along with a pre-paid cable for my response. I accepted, and it was an incredible decision.
  • All the Stories Stay Together Story has audio
    One of Lisa's favourite memories involves chopstick day, and she was really excited to find out that it still existed when she returned to Kildare to teach.
  • An Edmonton Theatrician
    Edmonton is a great town in which to produce theatre, and it’s a mysteriously active and supportive theatre community. Nationally recognized writers have come from here, and Edmonton has had a profound effect on English-Canadian theatre. It’s interesting that this prairie city produces a lot of theatre.
  • Azimuth Story has video
    He had to go through certain workshops in case a young person was to disclose anything to him. He doubted that that would happen. After his first show, a young girl, 13, approached him. He was shocked.
  • City of Champions Means So Much More User submitted story
    Len Rhodes, President and CEO of the Edmonton Eskimos understands now that the City of Champions means more than success of our sports teams.
  • Dreaming Big
    Edmonton has been good to me. I never set out trying to figure out what I was going to do when I grew up and it was through volunteerism in the community that I’ve ended up traveling the world, really.
  • Exit to Edmonton User submitted story
    Meet an entrepreneur who found success in Edmonton with a holistic fitness studio.
  • Fancy a Change?
    As a child, Raymond studied the topography of North America. His interest in wide open spaces was one of the reasons he came to Edmonton.
  • Gainers Strike User submitted story
    As a North Edmonton resident, my fondest memories of my city emerged from events that occurred on 66 Street at the Gainers meatpacking plant.
  • Last Wave to a Princess User submitted story
    Precision! Precision was a norm when planning for a royal escort. It was 1967, the early days of my tour in the Traffic Division of the Edmonton Police Service. I was enjoying myself astride a big honking Harley.
  • Living My Dreams User submitted story
    The excitement of coming here was tremendous, but the sadness of leaving my country, my home and especially my family filled my heart until I set foot in this city.
  • Ms. Edmonton 2005
    I'd never jigged before, and I don't think Mayor Mandel had ever jigged before, and here we are, jigging across the stage. It was quite an experience. And it was totally unplanned.
  • Opera Boot Camp Story has video
    I’ve always been an educator. If you want it, you can make it happen. Same thing, 11 years ago, when I had the idea to start Opera NUOVA, which came from a collection of things happening around the same time.
  • Optical Illusion
    The man who does all the production at the club gave me a disco ball. Actually, he gave me like 5 disco balls. I asked to borrow one for my new flyer, and he’s like keep them.
  • Who Was That? User submitted story
    I was working as a patrol sergeant in downtown Edmonton. Traffic was fairly heavy as I stopped southbound on 100 Street at Jasper Avenue, facing the majestic old MacDonald Hotel. I was scanning the faces and traffic when the lead car in a funeral procession caught my eye.
  • Carrying On Like Idiots
    My first time trip to Edmonton was with an ex. We wanted to go to the water park at West Edmonton Mall. So we drove up from Calgary and stayed in one of West Edmonton Mall’s theme rooms.
  • Ed-Ventures User submitted story
    My first experiences in Alberta's Capital City felt like a resort holiday.
  • Edmonton Int'l Street Performers Festival Story has video
    If you’re a street performer or a fan of street performers, coming to Edmonton is a must. This festival celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2009, and has entertained 4 million visitors in that time.
  • Edmonton is Not Cold User submitted story
    Oh, it's cold there! Really cold! This was the only thing I heard about Edmonton when I told people in Toronto that I was going to be the Writer in Exile in Edmonton for 1 year. I was scared of the cold in Edmonton.
  • Edmonton's Labatt Blues Festival Story has video
    Edmontonians love their blues music. Edmonton’s Labatt Blues Festival is Western Canada’s premier blues event. The festival takes place for 3 days every August in Hawrelak Park’s Heritage Amphitheatre.
  • Everyone Loves a Farmers' Market Story has video
    You may not know this, but Edmonton is a bit of a foodie town. Our entrepreneurial growers of fresh produce stock the city's many farmers markets with plenty of locally-grown food.
  • Eyes Wide-Open with Klondike Mike User submitted story
    All of us cousins were thrilled to see our parents dress in Klondike-style clothing—long dresses, but also a little melancholy as we waved good-bye and our parents left for a night on the town.
  • Festival for Kids Story has video User submitted story
    St. Albert in the greater Edmonton area recently hosted the International Children's Festival. I had such an amazing time and enjoyed so much being a part of a great festival for kids.
  • More Than a Whirlwind User submitted story
    I had returned to visit treasured friends I had made in the early 80s while working at University of Alberta Hospital. I will never forget that hot afternoon.
  • My Edmonton User submitted story
    It is here, I can be a part of the world that lived so long before me. It is where I can bring my children to learn the history of Edmonton.
  • Rent At The Jube
    There’s something about the concept of coming to do a show like Rent in your hometown, at the Jubilee Auditorium, a place I’d never performed at. I mean I’d performed in that space but not on the actual stage.
  • Skipping Stone Story has video
    Dean McKenzie is a poet and retired English teacher. He has made 2 CDs, Prairie Hejira and The Silver Apples of the Moon, and is working on a 3rd CD entitled The Jazz Poet.
  • We Shared a Secret Smile User submitted story
    Good old West Edmonton Mall. We looked at each other while it dawned on us what she was talking about. We shared a secret smile only Edmontonians can have.
  • With Both Feet on the Ground User submitted story
    What can you say when you land in a place you’ve never been and it feels like home? My week in Edmonton unfolded as if I were expected company. In a way, I was.

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