Does the city have good restaurants?

Edmonton enjoys a diverse blend of cultures, and we have the food to match. With over 1600 restaurants, you can satisfy your taste buds no matter what kind of meal you're in the mood for.

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  • 100-Mile Diet
    One-hundred-mile diet-wise, I grew up doing that in Nova Scotia. That’s the way we lived. When I started doing it in Edmonton, it created a greater sense of community with the surrounding area.
  • A Lesser Known Edmonton User submitted story
    Within the next year I had come out to my family, which was only possible with the great friends I had met and grown to love, both within the gay and greater Edmonton communities.
  • A Spontaneous Decision User submitted story
    This city has changed, and I was only a few miles away and had no idea. Around every corner is an opportunity to discover something new.
  • Edmonton by Bicycle User submitted story
    I really began to understand Edmonton when I started cycling through it. About 4 years ago I adopted the bicycle as my primary, and favourite, mode of transportation.
  • Embrace User submitted story
    I moved to Edmonton in 1984, from Rhode Island. I was very nervous about my big move, and the only person I knew was my new husband, who had been an Albertan all his life.
  • From Scratch
    So I really enjoy gardening. Even if we have been out at the bone bed working all day, I like coming home to my garden. And evenings are so nice in summer, because it’s light until late.
  • Match User submitted story
    I found an advertisement in the newspaper for and figured I should just check it out since I was not finding Mr. Right in grocery stores.
  • Scooting Around Town Story has video
    I’m a visually inspired person, obviously, being an artist. The views in Edmonton really grab me. Standing on top of the river valley, you can see the whole city. Sunsets. The moon. Clouds sweeping through.
  • The Girl in the Hat User submitted story
    My first thought (and one shared by many Calgarians if and when they have to move to Edmonton) was, Okay, I'll move to Edmonton, but I'll only stay here a couple years at the most.
  • A Bit of Italy in the Old Neighbourhood
    Giuseppe Crudo thinks everyone should be in love. So that's why he named his charming restaurant Cafe Amore - a place with a lot of love going on.
  • A Chocolate Boutique Story has video
    Nobody else is really doing what I’m doing here. It was funny when I set up my suppliers for the store, because nobody from Alberta had ever ordered these chocolates. Some of the bars are exclusive to us.
  • Converting a Calgarian User submitted story
    The number 99 haunted me growing up. Unlike most present-day Edmontonians, I grew up wearing red and yellow hockey sweaters - not orange and blue. Wayne Gretzky didn't make my childhood hockey dreams come true...he killed them. To this day, it frustrates me to no end, knowing there's no rebuttal for "Five Cups."
  • Family Business Story has video
    Sonia picked him up at the airport, and it was love at first sight. For Ramesh, who left his home country of India to come to Winnipeg and then moved to Edmonton, it was the right time to get married.
  • Immense Mode
    Yeah, there’re a lot of bricks involved. They came to us wet in Red Deer. On 16 pallets. And each pallet weighed about 2 tons. We had to store them inside so they didn’t freeze.
  • Opportunity in Edmonton Story has video
    Bob, an engineer originally from the UK, moved to Edmonton to start a new position with Stantec – and he loved it here. Moving to Edmonton meant he could afford a home twice the size of one he would have in the UK and gave him access to over 84 golf courses within an hour’s drive – a golfer’s dream.
  • Optical Illusion
    The man who does all the production at the club gave me a disco ball. Actually, he gave me like 5 disco balls. I asked to borrow one for my new flyer, and he’s like keep them.
  • The Aprikat Beer Story Story has video
    The first apricot beer we tried was Pyramid Breweries’ Apricot Ale. It was a hot summer day and we were at a pub somewhere in Montana. We remember thinking, “Wow, we’ve got to try something like this ourselves.”
  • A Different Type of City
    I came here from rural Alberta. Back home it’s a different kind of life. I don’t want to say Edmonton’s like a small town, but it’s a different type of city.
  • Impact Edmonton User submitted story
    Little did I know that 27 years later, I was going to marry one of the girls who rode at that stable. (I know - I am a fast mover for sure).
  • My most adrenaline-filled Edmonton moment... User submitted story
    Suddenly my eyes popped wide open as a Formula Ford spun out of control and started heading directly for our marshal station.
  • Perfect Edmonton Summer Experience User submitted story
    Bang! A flash in the air and colours are flying all over the place. I was standing watching it all happen.
  • Rent At The Jube
    There’s something about the concept of coming to do a show like Rent in your hometown, at the Jubilee Auditorium, a place I’d never performed at. I mean I’d performed in that space but not on the actual stage.
  • The Chengdu Visit User submitted story
    When the Chengdu youths arrived in Edmonton, there was a welcoming dinner. It was nerve wracking as I reluctantly made my way to sit amongst them. I was thinking of so many different things at once! Would they like me? Was my Chinese good enough?
  • This Art Thing Story has video
    I'm from Boston originally, so when I came to Red Deer years ago, they said, “Oh yeah, there's this thing, this art thing, you might want to go to.”
  • We're Not Gonna Do Shakespeare... Story has video
    Nextfest runs for approximately 10 days every year. The festival provides professional development opportunities for artists, and has over 80 performances in several venues in Edmonton’s downtown area.
  • Yardbird Suite Story has video
    Hear about one of Canada's hippest Jazz venues.

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