I’m a professional sports fan. Which teams call Edmonton home?

Edmontonians love watching pro sports. The Edmonton Oilers hockey team, the Edmonton Eskimos football team,the Edmonton Capitals (known originally as the Cracker-Cats) baseball team, and the Edmonton Rush lacrosse team all call the city home and provide year-round excitement for sports fans.

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    One of the coaches described speed skating as “a beautiful way to move”. It truly is. And it is extremely exhilarating – someone recently told me it’s the fastest human-propelled sport in existence today!
  • Can't Fry A Hurricane User submitted story
    I wasn’t really an Oilers' fan this year. It was my grade twelve year — my most important year of school — much more important than hockey.
  • Enduring an Edmonton Winter: Curling User submitted story
    There are 2 types of curlers: one half conferences around the TSN curling broadcast and makes comments like, “Boy, that yellow rock is sure buried deep”; the other half watches a game out on the ice and strategizes, “If it were me, I’d have Linda peel that guard so that Terry doesn’t have a chance to score 2 and take it into extras.”
  • Football Memories
    I’m a huge Edmonton Eskimos fan. I’m from a family of 3 daughters, so my poor father had to teach his daughters the rules of football. My world stops when the Eskimos are playing.
  • I Didn't Even Notice the Cold
    My favourite season is Edmonton winters because that’s when I can watch hockey. It’s my favourite sport. I'm a big fan.
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    There aren't many places where you can get some of the best Ethiopian cuisine, excellent Thai food, then some of the best Mexican/Salvadorean fare and everything else you might want, all within a few blocks.
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    I was very excited when I found out there was a chance for me to go out with my video camera and film all the aspects of Edmonton and then share it with other people.
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    I moved to Edmonton when I was 4 years old. My parents separated and I had to leave my father, my sister, my pit-bull Lassie, and our house in Montreal. I had trouble adjusting to my new and more humble surroundings.
  • Natural Bodybuilding
    The event was exciting, very nerve-wracking. The training itself up to the competition is quite intense. It takes a lot out of a person. It involves a strict diet and a rigorous workout schedule.
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    I live a “walk and roll” lifestyle. Some days I feel good to walk and others I’ll take to the chair, ergo: “Sonny and Chair.” Sorry, bad wheelchair joke.
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    If I have to I’ll walk...but my pride won’t allow me to do that. I’m terrible. I’m still competitive with myself. Oh yeah, I’ll just hold that torch up like it’s nothing. I know I’ll get emotional. It has such meaning to me. I’m getting teary just thinking about it.
  • Stories From The Bench
    The guys took care of my car and took me to the hospital and took care of that stretch of things. They’d been debating which hospital was the best to go to while I was still on the ice. There was a familiarity to it.
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    Got my Sprite. Got my soft pretzel. And one of my favorite players, Valentino Pascucchi, is up to bat. This...this is the life.
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    The most amazing thing about that game and that day was that I’d look up in the stands and see not one empty seat. I said, “These people are tough. Sitting out there for 3 to 4 hours in this kind of weather – these people are either tough or they’re crazy.”
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    Marcio sees Edmonton as a place of opportunity, not only for work but for entertainment as well.
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    Edmonton is a great town in which to produce theatre, and it’s a mysteriously active and supportive theatre community. Nationally recognized writers have come from here, and Edmonton has had a profound effect on English-Canadian theatre. It’s interesting that this prairie city produces a lot of theatre.
  • City of Champions Means So Much More User submitted story
    Len Rhodes, President and CEO of the Edmonton Eskimos understands now that the City of Champions means more than success of our sports teams.
  • Dreaming Big
    Edmonton has been good to me. I never set out trying to figure out what I was going to do when I grew up and it was through volunteerism in the community that I’ve ended up traveling the world, really.
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    Precision! Precision was a norm when planning for a royal escort. It was 1967, the early days of my tour in the Traffic Division of the Edmonton Police Service. I was enjoying myself astride a big honking Harley.
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    The Canadian Finals Rodeo (CFR) is a world-class event that attracts some of the best in the bucking business. In the CFR videos, you’ll meet 4 of the 2009 contestants, as well as rodeo clown CrAsh Cooper.
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    Edmonton has some great 2010 Grey Cup memories from everyone who came out to celebrate with us. We captured the pre-game excitement on Churchill Square at Edmonton’s Hot to Huddle 2010 Grey Cup Festival.
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    Suddenly my eyes popped wide open as a Formula Ford spun out of control and started heading directly for our marshal station.

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