Would my family and I feel welcome in Edmonton?

Edmonton’s communities welcome newcomers with open arms. The city boasts over 50 international cultures and is home to 500 places of worship. Each year, Edmonton’s Heritage Festival celebrates the city’s multicultural heritage.

In June 2011, Edmonton was named by TripAdvisor as one of top ten 2011 family vacation destinations in Canada to visit.

Edmonton was ranked fourth and was recognized for its vibrancy, historic Old Strathcona, University of Alberta, West Edmonton Mall and its river valley – North America’s largest urban parkland.

Overall, Edmonton was named by TripAdvisor as one of Canada’s top 25 destinations.

For more information, go to Edmonton ranked top ten family-friendly destination.

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    The 3-Day Novel Contest was an Edmonton thing. And I thought that was pretty cool. As an Edmonton writer it felt really good to be involved in the city that way.
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    In fact, her son Tom’s friend, Tommy Banks, preferred Helen’s chocolate chip cookies to the ones his own mother made.
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    So maybe it wasn’t the best day of my life, but who else in Edmonton has a wedding story like that?
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    Within the next year I had come out to my family, which was only possible with the great friends I had met and grown to love, both within the gay and greater Edmonton communities.
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    The very first day of school I missed the bus, waited for 40 minutes, and was 20 minutes late for class. But it got better.
  • A Salute to Your History User submitted story
    I'm proud to say that my family is a part of Edmonton's history and has been since my paternal and maternal great-grandparents settled in Edmonton in the early 1900s. I'm grateful they chose Edmonton!
  • A Soul Awakening in Edmonton User submitted story
    A profound moment happened that got me off the street: my neighbor offered to give me some light. I was very skeptical, yet her place was filled with joyous, beautiful, spiritual energy, and I wanted to experience more.
  • A Strange Way of Growing On You User submitted story
    We were living in Tanzania when our young son decided he wanted to do nanotechnology. I found that the University of Alberta would be starting this program. But where was this place called Edmonton?
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    It's all of the small things, the good people, that make Edmonton what it is.
  • An Active, Outspoken Community User submitted story
    Not my baby! This is NOT happening to my child, was Debbie's first reaction when she found her son Kent would be severely handicapped. Kent is now 30 and thanks to the special needs community he is able to enjoy a high quality of life. Read more about Debbie's experience in our city.
  • An Unusual Move
    Obviously moving to Edmonton is a little bit unusual for someone who had it as good as I did.
  • Block Party
    There are lots of opportunities in developing neighbourhoods: room for new initiatives, for people to promote change. Working together we transform the area. We’re attracting community to this neighbourhood.
  • Book + Dog = Reader
    I watched a boy – he was around 12 – who’d never seen this before. There were about 5 dogs in the room. His mom was pushing him. And he’s going “Ah no, too old for this.” Too manly, you know.
  • Bridging Generations with Language Story has audio
    You kind of have to know where you come from. That gives you, I guess, your character ... If this program wasn’t here, I would not have been able to teach my kids any part of their culture really, myself, right?
  • Caring for Canines
    I never thought I’d be living with nine greyhounds. But after falling in love with this often inhumanely treated breed there was no turning back.
  • Cleaning Up
    Edmonton Public Schools gave me fantastic opportunities before I even really knew I was ready for them. I was a music coordinator. I was a principal. We had the chance to live in Europe for three years.
  • Coincidences User submitted story
    Before my father’s illness I never understood organ donation. I went with my father for a workshop on organ donation. There were hundreds of people there who needed a transplant just like my father.
  • Crossing One Bridge User submitted story
    As I crossed the High Level Bridge today, it reminded me why Edmonton is a great place to call home. My attention was drawn first by the bright blue sky and then the valley which stretches for miles in either direction.
  • Discovering Two Sides of Edmonton
    I’ve discovered if you get involved, there's a lot to keep you busy in Edmonton. When I first got here I volunteered, met some really great people and made some fabulous friends. It's how my social network started.
  • Eclipsing Shinny
    As I played hockey with other rookie women of all ages and backgrounds one February several years ago, we watched a lunar eclipse unfold over the outdoor rink.
  • Edmonton Gave Us Our Life Back User submitted story
    Instead, his boss and another lady took it upon themselves to seek out help for Chris and find him a doctor accepting new patients. This was a turning point in Chris’s life.
  • Embrace User submitted story
    I moved to Edmonton in 1984, from Rhode Island. I was very nervous about my big move, and the only person I knew was my new husband, who had been an Albertan all his life.
  • Feels Like Home To Me
    It’s been a long time since I actually felt that a place is home. I stood there realizing, “Yeah, this is home, and they are my friends.” I’m going to be hanging out with them for years.
  • Field Trip
    We were trying to figure out where in Canada we should live. And then I remember being somewhere in the McKernan area and seeing all these little kids from a daycare out on a field trip.
  • Fireworks and a Waterfall in Edmonton User submitted story
    We truly do live in an amazing city; I can't think of too many with beautiful blue skies, waterfalls, and fantastic fireworks!
  • Half a Lion
    When I was still taking kung fu, I had the opportunity to take part in Edmonton’s Chinese New Year celebrations. The community all comes out and the streets are just filled with people.
  • Home User submitted story
    My grandfather had been sent to a concentration camp for 6 months during the Second World War after helping the British army hide weapons on his farm. My father was only 4½ years old at the time of grandfather’s arrest.
  • Home Is Where The Heart Is User submitted story
    It was supposed to be a stepping stone, but it turned out to be home.
  • Homesick For Edmonton! Story has video User submitted story
    When I arrived to Edmonton for the first time, I was 19 years old. I had come with both my parents, and my three sisters and three brothers, all of us single.
  • I Am At Home Now User submitted story
    As a mother, I felt we needed to be together somewhere that everyone would be comfortable and I thought Edmonton might be that place.
  • I Wanna Be A Rock Star and Stuff
    RockerGirl Camp is for girls who wanna rock. But 10-year-old Hannah Karvonen Parsons wasn’t sure about going. “I was afraid that everyone was gonna be older than me and that I wouldn’t know anyone.”
  • I'm Coming Home User submitted story
    My family and I have been lucky in the amount of world we have been able to travel to. As a child my grandmère traveled extensively and we saw many places vicariously through her.
  • In the Blink of an Eye User submitted story
    Life can be so quick you don’t notice how much you've grown. But I must say: I'm lucky to have lived in Edmonton.
  • Just Ordinary Citizens User submitted story
    I ran to the car, and began a struggle with the man, thinking my daughter was still inside. He engaged the car and accelerated forward with me hanging on only to smash into another vehicle that had stopped to help.
  • Kindness For No Reason
    When I first came here to live in Edmonton, I'd step into the streets. People would stop. But I would expect them to because they stopped for other people. I was that guy.
  • Learning English: 1 2 3 User submitted story
    Do you know the I-love-you numbers game? Read about Xiaodong and her family's funny encounters with proper English and numbers.
  • Leaving Edmonton User submitted story
    Several years ago on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, my husband and I left our home on the East Coast of Canada to drive to Edmonton for work.
  • Life in the Big City User submitted story
    In 1999, the mine in Grand Cache went bankrupt. Along with about 400 other families, we were suddenly out of jobs and had to move somewhere else.
  • Life Journey User submitted story
    When I was young I had a dream of being a pilot but this dream was not possible because in my country there was lots of fighting. People have been fighting in Afghanistan for over 30 years.
  • Like A Dream Come True
    My baby had major health problems, which is how we ended up in Edmonton. The Stollery Children’s Hospital is the only one in Western Canada that does pediatric liver transplants.
  • Love Conquers All User submitted story
    Never had I been more proud of my son. Or more ashamed of my own ignorance. It may have been the third day of school for them, but I was the one who learned the lesson that day.
  • Making Good News
    I’d always been in the river valley. I’d been in it every day, canoed it, gone up and down it in a Zodiac.
  • Match User submitted story
    I found an advertisement in the newspaper for Match.com and figured I should just check it out since I was not finding Mr. Right in grocery stores.
  • Mill Creek Miscellany User submitted story
    Growing up next to Mill Creek Ravine can teach you a thing or two about life. Colin recalls his never-ending creekside adventures.
  • My Canadian Atlas User submitted story
    While cleaning a closet last week, I came across the atlas we used when we left Halifax, westward-bound for Edmonton, Alberta. That was August 2001. What wonderful memories!
  • My Love Affair With the Library User submitted story
    Regardless of the weather, there is a crowd waiting for the door to open. When my son sees the library he lights up the same way he lights up when he sees Grandma’s house. He laughs, claps and starts making the ASL sign for “book.”
  • Once Upon a Time, in a Land Far Far Away... Story has video
    This video is not your average fairy tale. Meet 5 Edmontonians who attended the International Day of Sharing Stories.
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    I remember when my Dad was working on the Fort Edmonton replica when they were first building it. My Mom and a sister and a brother used to go and take him supper up that way sometimes.
  • Our Story is Far From Over User submitted story
    Our story is far from over. There will be many more chapters to explore and to write.
  • Peaceful City of Nations Story has video User submitted story
    Edmonton’s Heritage Festival is a long midsummer weekend of cascading sounds, smells and colourful sights as nationalities from around the world display their foods, dances, traditions and histories.
  • Potluck
    When I first arrived she helped me with the transition to this culture. To the community, and school especially. It saved a lot of time, because when you’re new to a country, sometimes you just don’t know what to do.
  • Pulse of the City User submitted story
    I'm a small-town girl, born in the Parkland County and raised on dreams I found etched in the prairie sky.
  • Queen of Trees User submitted story
    At 8 years old I had declared myself Queen of the Trees, and here I was about to go start a life in the city. I took one last look at my little town before it disappeared into its valley. Buildings and skyscrapers would become my new forest.
  • Room to Grow
    I was born and raised in Edmonton, and though I’ve traveled the world, there’s just something about this city that always pulls me back.
  • Sense of Wonder User submitted story
    I do not come from what anyone would call a well off family, and so the move was a little difficult.
  • Seven Seas Apart User submitted story
    This is a story of similarities and differences; connection and disconnect; familiarity and fear of the unknown.
  • Start Anew User submitted story
    Eagerly I walked the streets of Robson, went around in Stanley Park, and strolled by Granville Island, but I still felt like I didn’t belong. I missed Edmonton.
  • The Christie Story User submitted story
    Once you get familiar with Edmonton, she gets familiar with you. It only takes a few trips to the local shops before the workers recognize you. You’ll find a niche to fit in no matter how strange or normal you might think you are.
  • The Future's Wide Open
    My plane touched down at the Edmonton International Airport on a chilly evening in December 2005. It was a world away from the gentle dusting of snow we’d get in Brighton, England, where I’m from.
  • The People Make the City User submitted story
    It's possible to look at Edmonton and simply see the sports teams with their championship legacies. Or just West Edmonton Mall, the river valley, and all the festivals. But those who only see these things are missing the most important aspect of the city – the people.
  • The Seasons Were Long User submitted story
    For a kid the summers were so long, and so were the winters. We came to Edmonton in 1980. Looking back I am so happy this country was willing to adopt us.
  • The Trip Across User submitted story
    I will never forget the look on our collie’s face at the sight. What the heck have you gotten me into? I wondered that myself.
  • The Wild West
    Edmonton is a young city in a lot of ways. I don’t want to say it’s the Wild West, but it kind of is. There’s a lot of opportunity for people who are ambitious and want to try and do things and make an impact themselves.
  • This Is My City Story has video User submitted story
    Edmonton is the perfect place to grow up. Quiet neighbourhoods, an abundance of parks, culture and festivals, and the amenities of a big city combine for year-round kid-friendly fun.
  • Three Passions, One Lucky Lady! User submitted story
    Music Together has allowed me to combine my three passions – my love of children, my love of music, and my deep love of family – and to find a rich and rewarding career – all without having to leave my home town!
  • Trees Like Crystal User submitted story
    When I stepped off the plane it was January 21, 1999 and it was -28. It was soooo cold my whole body went into shock till I got to my dad’s house. But that all disappeared the next day when it started to snow.
  • Virtue Is Its Own Reward User submitted story
    The wallet contained several hundred dollars but he refused a reward. He represents what Edmonton is about.
  • We're Almost a Family User submitted story
    It feels some days like we're almost a family, like somehow everyone here is contributing their part to making this city into something great, which is in no doubt the direction it is going.
  • Where a Country Boy Can Stay User submitted story
    The Edmonton river valley is what makes Edmonton a city unlike any other, a city a country boy can live in and stay sane.
  • Where Everybody Knows Your Name User submitted story
    I grew up in the neighbourhood with Daryl Katz, went to the same school and played tennis together at our community courts.
  • You Grow Up One Way Or The Other User submitted story
    When you grow up in Red Deer, you are either an Edmonton fan or a Calgary fan.
  • A Chocolate Boutique Story has video
    Nobody else is really doing what I’m doing here. It was funny when I set up my suppliers for the store, because nobody from Alberta had ever ordered these chocolates. Some of the bars are exclusive to us.
  • A Real Sense of Community
    I traveled many parts of the world during my career as a welder and pipefitter before coming to Edmonton in 2008. And now I’m happy to call this place home.
  • Azimuth Story has video
    He had to go through certain workshops in case a young person was to disclose anything to him. He doubted that that would happen. After his first show, a young girl, 13, approached him. He was shocked.
  • Celebrating Success Story has video
    Watch a video shot at City Hall during the International Day of Sharing Stories in 2009. Councillor Sohi was there to represent City Council, of course, but more importantly, to learn more about new Edmontonians and celebrate their successes.
  • Circus City
    It’s a lot of work, but I can’t stop doing it. I love it too much. We’re the only company that offers the classes and then works with our students to create theatre together.
  • Dogs with Wings User submitted story
    Giving up a puppy to go on as a service dog, you know that it is coming, and that is what they are raised for and it is sad, but at least you know theyre going on to fulfill their purpose in life…that makes it feel a little better.
  • Don't Diss Edmonton
    Edmonton surprises people. Look at our TV industry. We have a really strong independent film community here. And we’ve got a really strong industry community here actively engaged in the arts business.
  • Engineering a Future
    Jose had it tough when he first moved to Edmonton, but worked hard to overcome the cultural differences he faced.
  • Establishing Roots User submitted story
    Edmonton is more than my home; it is a place that has nourished many a settler’s past and continues to provide opportunities for growth.
  • Fancy a Change?
    As a child, Raymond studied the topography of North America. His interest in wide open spaces was one of the reasons he came to Edmonton.
  • Four Generation Chairs Story has video User submitted story
    Whenever I lead tours through our brewery I am always surprised to see how interested people are in the stories behind Amber's—usually much more than they are interested in the brewing and bottling process.
  • From a Small Fish In a Big Pond… User submitted story
    My husband opened our small Taekwon-Do school (Tien Lung) in Edmonton back in 1992 with just 52 students.
  • From Seaweed to Stubble User submitted story
    I worked the streets of Edmonton for 25 of my 29 year police career and was given the opportunity to try many areas of the Service.
  • Home Of Strange Records
    Folkways was this label from New York City by Moses Asch. It was a very forward-thinking, independent label. Moses wanted to capture sounds that would’ve otherwise been lost because they weren’t commercially viable.
  • I See the Stars User submitted story
    Cities have personalities too. If Edmonton was a woman, she’d be like the serious one in the cubicle down the hall who lets loose only rarely, like during the Christmas party or in the beer tent at the folk fest.
  • I Was This Close to Going Back Story has video Story has audio
    I was one lucky guy. They called and said I’d gotten the job, and that I could start the next day if I wanted to.
  • It's All About Work-Life Balance User submitted story
    Stopping really is the best thing I could ever have done.
  • Living My Dreams User submitted story
    The excitement of coming here was tremendous, but the sadness of leaving my country, my home and especially my family filled my heart until I set foot in this city.
  • Location: Collection Agency
    I think I creeped out the poor young woman on the line. Finally I just said, “Let me talk to your supervisor!” and the woman put her supervisor on the phone.
  • Most Rewarding Job
    I said initially that it doesn’t really matter where I land. I just need to find the right job. But flying into Edmonton and seeing the scenery here, I thought, “You know if I end up here...holy cow is it gorgeous.”
  • Northern Lights
    I’m a big believer in the idea that science should be something that’s understandable to the average person. I hope to impact Edmontonians with the research that’s being done in space science in this city.
  • Oscar the Clinic Cat
    When we just opened the clinic, this girl brought in a kitten with a broken hip. She had no money, so she signed the euthanasia form and then we talked about it.
  • Pelón
    His nickname is Pelón, which means bald in Spanish. We call him that because he has a shaved head.
  • Roll of the Dice
    Nick rolled the dice when he left Ontario, and believes he made the right choice, coming to Edmonton.
  • The Choice Was Clear User submitted story
    My first impression came from the people in Edmonton. There are people here from every country in the world who’ve come to better themselves and you don’t feel like an outsider because the city is made up of such a diverse population.
  • Traces: LA, Honolulu & Edmonton
    The truth is the idea for teaching the Edmonton course was seeded in something I did a few years ago.
  • Why I Chose Edmonton User submitted story
    I came to Edmonton as an international student and was always asked the same question, Why did you choose to come to Edmonton?
  • Why I Started the Running Room
    I was this portly 238-pounder, a smoker. Like so many people I threw my energy into my family, work, and community endeavours, and I neglected my own wellness.
  • Why You Get Into Medicine
    That’s really why everybody gets into medicine, or at least that’s why everybody says they get into medicine.
  • A Memorable Journey to Edmonton User submitted story
    Read some entries Catherine wrote in her diary during her stay in Edmonton. She was visiting from Chengdu in China's Sichuan province. Her friends call her Rabbit.
  • A Sunny Day in Edmonton User submitted story
    You Edmontonians are really awesome people. When I was walking along the streets trying to get in as many sights as I could, people were going out of their way to help me experience their beautiful city.
  • All Aboard! User submitted story
    It was the day of Sonia and Raoul’s wedding, and that happy event was what got us into Fort Edmonton Park.
  • Cabbage Soup is Very Normal User submitted story
    In 2003, after 22 years away from home, K. Maryniak came home to Edmonton. She's convinced there is no better place in the world to live as a Ukrainian.
  • Edmonton is Not Cold User submitted story
    Oh, it's cold there! Really cold! This was the only thing I heard about Edmonton when I told people in Toronto that I was going to be the Writer in Exile in Edmonton for 1 year. I was scared of the cold in Edmonton.
  • Edmonton: An Awesome Place for Kids Story has video User submitted story
    Katie thinks Edmonton is the greatest city. From the Valley Zoo to the WEM waterpark, Edmonton has tons of things for kids. In the attached video Katie shares some of her favourites!
  • Edmonton: City of Discovery User submitted story
    When I do go into Edmonton though, with my mother as I don't drive, I am forever being amazed at something new that I find.
  • Everyone Loves a Farmers' Market Story has video
    You may not know this, but Edmonton is a bit of a foodie town. Our entrepreneurial growers of fresh produce stock the city's many farmers markets with plenty of locally-grown food.
  • More Than a Whirlwind User submitted story
    I had returned to visit treasured friends I had made in the early 80s while working at University of Alberta Hospital. I will never forget that hot afternoon.
  • One Small Step User submitted story
    I applied as a nanny here in Canada and ended up in a farm in Fallis, Alberta. I have relatives and college friends living in different places in Canada, compared to the place where I was living in is boring.
  • Red Light, Green Light Story has video
    Shelley grew up in Calgary, and remembers coming to Edmonton for the weekend as a child. In the video below, she recalls a funny story about being a kid and preparing for the Edmonton traffic light experience.
  • With Both Feet on the Ground User submitted story
    What can you say when you land in a place you’ve never been and it feels like home? My week in Edmonton unfolded as if I were expected company. In a way, I was.

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