95 & Jive: Dancing Dan!

By Ken Strickland

Living here in the west end has given me occasion to become familiar with one of our local celebrities.

Taking advantage of our proximity, my girlfriend and I make frequent trips to the West Edmonton Mall. Although other routes might decrease our travel time by a few minutes we are inclined to travel a little further in the hopes of having our day brightened en-route through the corner of 95 Avenue & 178 Street. Dancing Dan has become a local fixture at this corner and has not gone unnoticed by pedestrians or motorists in their daily travels. This gentle soul frequents this particular spot wearing headphones and the appropriate outerwear necessary for that particular time of year and weather. Morning, noon or night he can be found at one of the corners of this intersection. Sometimes on a bike or just standing and waiting for the light to change but always with his headphones on and listening to music that I personally wish I could hear.

His reactions to the music are quite obvious as he dances and emotes to sounds of which I can only imagine to be the most wondrous melodies ever created by man or god. His distinctive jive moves have brought smiles to all that bear witness, whether in appreciation of his abilities or just in awe of his lack of inhibitions. All are smiling after a performance.

I frequently wonder what possible music he could be listening to that could bring such joy and happiness. Thinking that if we could all listen in, our world might be a better place with the current unrest throughout the world. Poverty, war and oppression have placed a wedge in our society that seems insurmountable. Appearing to have stacked all the odds against us and yet Dan dances on. If only we could tune in to his channel even for a brief moment as we pass his Eden and take with us that which God intended us all to have. Happiness, contentment and love for our fellow man.

In the meantime my girlfriend and I will continue to travel this extended route with the hope that he will continue to grace us with his presence. Helping us to realize that we actually do live in a good world, people are inherently good and the powers that be will one day realize that life is a song and we all need to dance to it.

And so Edmontonians, appreciate this young man with the happiness he brings us from his heart and hope that in your touring of this fair city you too may encounter the joy and warmth my girlfriend and I receive at the corner of 95 & Jive.

P.S. Life is a song, LET’S DANCE!!!

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