A Different Type of City

I came to Edmonton from rural Alberta. The town I was from had about 100 people, and the next closest town (Provost) about 2000. Back home it’s a different kind of life. Going home most nights and hanging out with your buddies. It’s a good life but it’s a lot of the same thing. I didn't become a different person when I came here, but I found I wasn't held back in becoming the person I wanted to be. That means a lot of different things. There are many things to do in Edmonton.

This might sound corny, but something that sticks out in my mind is a random Sunday a while back. We’d been out the night before on Whyte Ave. and we were feeling the effects, and we decided to go to the waterslide at West Edmonton Mall. So there's 4 or 6 of us, I don't remember how many exactly, all in our 20s, and we didn't care. It was a good time.

Those kinds of memories with friends stick out because it's easy to get trapped into daily life, and you need those sorts of groups to get you out and about, even if it's just a bunch of guys going to an Edmonton water park.

Another time we started an ultimate frisbee club. We had this collision of people coming together. At first people just went up to one another and kicked the dirt, going through introductions. Then maybe after one game you'd all have a burger together, and then you invite someone to join you in your weekend plans, and then you're all making your own plans together, your own potlucks, and eventually going to each other's weddings.

I don't want to say Edmonton's like a small town, but it's down to earth. It's a different type of city. It's a comfortable feeling.

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Brad Fossen

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Brad Fossen was raised in Provost, Alberta, and studied mechanical engineering at the University of Alberta. He says that, "Even if I didn't enjoy the work, which I do, I'd stay just for the people."

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