Landing The Job That Leads to Love

By Debbie Ward 

My first career was in tourism and travel. My first ever job interview was at the aptly named Edmonton Travel based in Hub Mall at the University of Alberta. When I landed the job I had no idea that would lead to the love(s) of my life…

I was new to Edmonton (and a returning Canadian as well). I was a professional neophyte and I knew few people. I had no idea of what was what or who was who. It was a small office with a manager and one other consultant who took me under their wings to show me not only the professional ropes but also Edmonton. To me anyone who came into the office was worthy of the same respect as the next. I did not know when persons were part of the Edmonton elite nor did I have any preconceived notions of Edmonton.

When people like Mr. Stanley Milner or Dr. Raymond Lemieux or Mr. Sandy Mactaggart or even the father of the agency owner Mr. Robert Chapman Sr. came into the office I had no idea that these people were people with a long history in Edmonton. To me they were just interesting people who while very busy were always pleasant to deal with!

During my employment I grew to recognize the considerable contributions to the city that these people (among others I came in contact with) have made to Edmonton. I fell in love with Edmonton. The job also leads to the other great love of my life.

That manager who had interviewed me for the job? I fell in love with him also! 22 years later both love affairs are still as strong as ever!


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