Living in #YEG

By Alex G. Lee

I traveled to London and headed the 500+ strong queue line for the iPhone 4 launch. While traveling to Edmonton, I was listening to Paul Brandt's "Alberta Bound". I had shot a few videos with my iPhone 4 and was amazed by the optical quality, so I thought what a good thing to promote our city. This video was shot and edited entirely on the new Apple iPhone 4.

The video is a combination of 10 interviews from new and old residents of Edmonton in different walks of life. I wanted a diverse sample space of opinions to show that Edmonton is truly a world class city. They work, study, teach, inspire, lead communities and organizations in Edmonton. They are the people you will find walking their dog around the block or taking in that show at the Fringe, or working in a mail sorting facility. They are the people that make Edmonton work. They are Edmontonians.

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Alex G. Lee

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Alex G. Lee is a technophile, a travel fiend, and an international business consultant. He runs four local blogs and is an active member of Edmonton’s Twitter community.

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