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By Kane Lambert

I love living in Edmonton for 3 things. You get to experience all 4 season here in Canada's northernmost major city. Edmonton also has a number of incredible entertainment options for every taste. Thirdly, I love living in Edmonton because of the people.

I lived on Vancouver Island for 7 years of my 33 years of life. Vancouver Island is beautiful, but you rarely get to experience a real fall or winter. Fall in the river valley of Edmonton is one of the most incredible displays of Mother Nature’s art that I have ever witnessed. The river valley itself is an incredible achievement for the City of Edmonton. It is the largest connected park system in North America. Winter is also an incredible time to be in Edmonton. I often comment on how beautiful and quiet the city is after we receive another near-record snowfall. No one is driving, and the snow seems to muffle all sound and all you can hear are your Sorel boots crunching the snow. It almost makes you feel alone surrounded by a city full of people. Winter is also the time for my favourite pastime, Edmonton Oilers hockey.

Hockey in Edmonton is a religion, as well as a great entertainment option. I enjoy nothing more than to go to a hockey game. The electricity of Rexall Place is vibrant and makes you want to stand up and cheer. The highlight of my Oiler love affair was the Heritage Classic of 2003. This event shows the true character of hockey fans in Edmonton. Minus 27 with an extreme wind chill and we still put 57,167 cold but excited butts in the seats. After the hockey season we have our incredible Edmonton Eskimos. The Esks are traditionally a powerhouse in the Canadian Football League, but they are also one of the best run organizations in the CFL. Fans of all ages and demographics go and cheer on the Green and Gold.

If you are not into sports, may I suggest you go to The Citadel Theatre for an entertaining play or Fort Edmonton Park. Fort Edmonton is always coming up with new ways to entertain and thrill you. Just last year I partook in a murder mystery dinner and had a blast. Try the Muttart Conservatory, I got married to my wonderful wife there and it is beautiful to just sit in. If you are still looking for more, please check out our festival season, always one of the best line-up of events in the world. Oh, and did you hear? Sarah McLachlan came to Folk Fest! The City of Edmonton is an incredibly entertaining place to live and the reason for that is because of the people.

The people that make up the city are notoriously kind and giving. Walk up to a stranger in Edmonton and ask him for directions and you will find that people do not mind taking time out of their lives to help you out. Who in Edmonton has not stopped to help a neighbour or stranger out of a snow bank? Is this not the essence of kindness? Edmontonians give of themselves. When Edmonton hosts major sporting events, there is usually a waiting list to volunteer for that event. All you have to do is look at the World Track and Field Championships to see how well Edmonton runs major events. If there is environmental disaster or local fire, citizens do not have to be asked to give, they just do.

I am raising my kids in Edmonton because the scenery is beautiful, the area is entertaining, and the people live by rules that I want my kids to adopt - friendly and willing to give of themselves to make the society they live in better.

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