Our Great City: Then and Now

By Sherry Laderoute

I love Edmonton for its history. My family has a lot of history in Edmonton and also around Alberta for that matter. I remember growing up around Edmonton and all of the different activities through the years; I remember when I was about 2 or 3 my parents took my sister and I to the local IGA and they had pony rides there that was so awesome.

I also remember going to fairs at the local malls – Centennial Mall for one, which is no longer around. I used to love going there and the one at Meadowlark Mall. I also remember a place called Tomahawk Beach out at Enoch, Alberta. I used to look forward to going out there because it wasn't far and they had a large outdoor pool, they had a rodeo going on, and they had jigging contests, fiddling contests, and snack bars and it was so much fun for the whole family to get together.

I remember when my Dad was working on Fort Edmonton (replica) when they were first building it. My Mom and a sister and a brother used to go and take him supper up that way sometimes. I remember that they had the walls up and the 4 posts of the Fort and that was all, and now look at the whole place. It is really wonderful for families to go and look at the history of our Edmonton right in our backyard. I feel proud that Dad was a part of making Edmonton into what it is today.

I enjoy Edmonton all year round – there are always so many things to do and see any time of the year. You can go to the many parks in the summer; there are all kinds of festivals celebrating all of the cultures that our wonderful city has. In the winter months it's so cool to go and take a walk around Candy Cane Lane and see the magical lights of Christmas. I remember when I was a kid that it was one my favourite things to do. It truly is a unique winter wonderland if there ever was one.

Me and friends used to ride our bikes down to the Storyland Valley Zoo (now known just as Valley Zoo) on a Saturday or a Sunday and just hang out enjoy the animals, go on a train ride, and just plain have fun. I used to love going to the old Planetarium. I think that the building is still standing. The new TELUS World of Science is awesome.

Edmonton has a vast variety of things that family or any individual can enjoy on any given day; these are just some of the things that I enjoy about Edmonton. There is always something new to come and check out; this city is never boring, that's for sure. And with progress Edmonton just keeps getting better and better all of the time.

I remember me and some of my friends went to visit some relatives out at Enoch and we caught a cab back to the city. When we came driving down 87th Avenue the cab driver was telling us about the world’s largest mall that was going to built there in about 10 years, and my friends and I just laughed thinking he was pulling our legs. Well, in the early 80s they started construction on West Edmonton Mall, the world’s largest mall.

I will keep enjoying the fruits that this city has to offer as will my family. I have so many old memories of Edmonton and am always making new ones. So that is my story about why about Edmonton is special for me.

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