I Was This Close to Going Back

I was one lucky guy. They called and said I’d gotten the job, and that I could start the next day if I wanted to.

For me, once you travel, you want to keep exploring the world. I came to Canada on exchange after high school and ended up in Edmonton. I fell in love with it: I learned to ice skate here, and the family I stayed with treated me like their own. I had my first white Christmas here. My dream was to get established in Edmonton.

I almost didn't make it though. I was running out of money and I'd had a good job in Mexico. The deal was that if I could not find a job in 1 month, I'd go back. And my parents were like, "You gave up everything: your job, your car, your friends." My father agreed to support me for 1 month: that was it.

I was one lucky guy; I got a call for an interview as an industrial engineer. They were interviewing 8 people and hiring 4. So nothing was for sure.

The interview was at a spot I couldn't get to by bus. And my car had no insurance or registration since I didn't have any money. So I called my dad and asked him to please deposit some money into my account. The next day I went by taxi to get the papers, and then, just before I was about to go, I realized the tires were flat, all four.

I barely made it.

A week later they called and said I'd gotten the job, and that I could start the next day if I wanted to. I felt awesome, so happy. I came here with a dream, and I was this close to going back. Now I have a house, a car, and have traveled different places. From having nothing to having something. It's perfect.

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Carlos Lopez

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Carlos Lopez is a 25-year old industrial engineer from Saltillo, Mexico. In his spare time he takes English classes, coaches a women's soccer team called the Sassy Sisters, and frequents the Oil City Roadhouse on Jasper Avenue. He is a country boy at heart.

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