Meeting the Love of my Life at WEM...Who Knew?

By Tammy Farkes

It was during my first visit to Edmonton that I met the love of my life. Back in April 1996, I was at the tail end of a vacation with friends that included visits to Banff and Calgary on a long but eventful drive from Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. We stayed at the Mayfield Inn but spent most of our time at the West Edmonton Mall (WEM) during our visit. On that final day of our trip we spent the morning at the World Waterpark.

The weather in Edmonton that April week was snowy and cold. We spent our time indoors doing activities that kept us out of the frigid temperatures. It was just after 11 AM and the wave pool was generating its first waves of the day and I was floating about on my inner tube. Located not far from me was my husband to be, and when the waves began we were bumped together. So we literally hit it off. We spent the day together visiting at the pool and went to the Olive Garden for dinner later that evening. He drove me to see the downtown lights since he had thought we should see the comet viewing that was happening at the Edmonton Space and Science Center (now the TELUS World of Science), but the weather was too snowy for that.

We stayed in contact via phone and letters for the next few months. He came to Idaho to visit me and meet my family in June 1996. We were engaged in February 1997 and married in July 1997.

Thanks to that trip, we currently live in Edmonton and often reminiscence about how fate stepped in so that we could meet each other in such an unusual way. We would like to get publicity fees from the WEM since we advertize for them every time we tell our "how we met story" ... still holding out for that.

We are very happy and the proud parents of our 2-year-old daughter. Edmonton is our home and a girl from the States finding a farm boy from Saskatchewan, at the WEM, is our legacy.

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