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Business costs in Edmonton are lower than any other city of its size across the North American Midwest.

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  • A City of Many Paths - Margot Ross-Graham
    Margot enjoys her life in Edmonton and she believes that the city’s extensive river valley trails could be a metaphor for the boundless opportunities here.
  • A Strange Way of Growing On You - Riki Roy User submitted story
    We were living in Tanzania when our young son decided he wanted to do nanotechnology. I found that the University of Alberta would be starting this program. But where was this place called Edmonton?
  • Caring for Canines - Debbie Ward
    I never thought I’d be living with nine greyhounds. But after falling in love with this often inhumanely treated breed there was no turning back.
  • City Canvas: A Wonderful Surprise - Mark Wilson Story has video
    What does the Garneau Tree, art, and getting your start in radio have in common? Watch Mark's videos to find out.
  • Half a Lion - Ian Meier
    When I was still taking kung fu, I had the opportunity to take part in Edmonton’s Chinese New Year celebrations. The community all comes out and the streets are just filled with people.
  • Janelle, 13, on Janelle - Janelle Somerville
    You’ve got the mountains right there. They’re good for hiking, good for skiing. They just give you a lot of opportunity for things to do, a place to go away that’s not too far so it’s easy to only go away for a weekend.
  • The Trip Across - Robina Zyp User submitted story
    I will never forget the look on our collie’s face at the sight. What the heck have you gotten me into? I wondered that myself.
  • A Chocolate Boutique - Kerstin Roos Story has video
    Nobody else is really doing what I’m doing here. It was funny when I set up my suppliers for the store, because nobody from Alberta had ever ordered these chocolates. Some of the bars are exclusive to us.
  • A City of Promise - David Aplin
    My love affair with Edmonton started back in 1974 when my young family and I moved from Ontario. The company I’d come to work for closed shortly after our move, and we were left with three little kids and an uncertain future. But we loved the city—so we tried to find a way to stay.
  • A Connected City - Jason Ding
    Meet a man connected to the beating heart of entrepreneurship in Edmonton.
  • A Core Crew Story - The Core Crew User submitted story
    Once upon a time there was a group of five summer students all dressed in red.
  • A Love Of Place - Paul Morgan Donald Story has video
    I moved here without any plans and I found a really exciting theatre community that I could be a part of. When I was younger I thought I might move on eventually, but you develop roots. And just a love of place.
  • All Kinds of Energy - Marcio Mendes
    Marcio sees Edmonton as a place of opportunity, not only for work but for entertainment as well.
  • Azimuth - Murray Utas Story has video
    He had to go through certain workshops in case a young person was to disclose anything to him. He doubted that that would happen. After his first show, a young girl, 13, approached him. He was shocked.
  • Blue Sky - Dave Mowat Story has video
    Edmonton’s compact business community gives Dave the chance to regularly share ideas with talented businesspeople, and he sees Edmonton as becoming a more and more interesting place in the future.
  • Circus City - Annie Dugan
    It’s a lot of work, but I can’t stop doing it. I love it too much. We’re the only company that offers the classes and then works with our students to create theatre together.
  • Come Give Us a Try - Joanne Beaton Story has video
    Joanne Beaton loves doing business in Edmonton.
  • Don't Diss Edmonton - Ava Karvonen
    Edmonton surprises people. Look at our TV industry. We have a really strong independent film community here. And we’ve got a really strong industry community here actively engaged in the arts business.
  • Establishing Roots - Alison Neuman User submitted story
    Edmonton is more than my home; it is a place that has nourished many a settler’s past and continues to provide opportunities for growth.
  • Four Generation Chairs - Jim Gibbon Story has video User submitted story
    Whenever I lead tours through our brewery I am always surprised to see how interested people are in the stories behind Amber's—usually much more than they are interested in the brewing and bottling process.
  • From a Small Fish In a Big Pond… - Kari Wisniewski User submitted story
    My husband opened our small Taekwon-Do school (Tien Lung) in Edmonton back in 1992 with just 52 students.
  • Gainers Strike - Nick Puhjera User submitted story
    As a North Edmonton resident, my fondest memories of my city emerged from events that occurred on 66 Street at the Gainers meatpacking plant.
  • Home Of Strange Records - Aaron Levin
    Folkways was this label from New York City by Moses Asch. It was a very forward-thinking, independent label. Moses wanted to capture sounds that would’ve otherwise been lost because they weren’t commercially viable.
  • Location: Collection Agency - Trevor Anderson
    I think I creeped out the poor young woman on the line. Finally I just said, “Let me talk to your supervisor!” and the woman put her supervisor on the phone.
  • Night at the Museum - Midge Landals
    When I plan conferences, I’m always looking for ways to entertain the vets in their off time. They spend so much time in meetings, and it’s nice to do something just a little different in the evenings.
  • Opportunity in Edmonton - Bob Story has video
    Bob, an engineer originally from the UK, moved to Edmonton to start a new position with Stantec – and he loved it here. Moving to Edmonton meant he could afford a home twice the size of one he would have in the UK and gave him access to over 84 golf courses within an hour’s drive – a golfer’s dream.
  • Pelón - Jorge Torres
    His nickname is Pelón, which means bald in Spanish. We call him that because he has a shaved head.
  • Single Best Find/Mistake - Tony Vesseur
    I’ve got a lot of really good customers who are really devoted to the store. Who really support the store. The guy who bought the lamp comes up from Calgary to shop here all the time.
  • Sustainable Edmonton - Cliff Higuchi
    I had a few ideas about how the level of service for the Shaw Conference Centre’s clients could be improved. I shared my thoughts with the Centre’s management one day and the next thing I knew, I was hired. That was 24 years ago. Find out how Cliff is making the Shaw Conference Centre more sustainable!
  • The Accidental Company - Stephen Moen Story has video
    Interestingly, the minute we arrived they all moved to Vancouver and the pressure was on for us to also move. But we liked it here, we were doing well, and we had started our company.
  • The Aprikat Beer Story - Neil & Lavonne Herbst Story has video
    The first apricot beer we tried was Pyramid Breweries’ Apricot Ale. It was a hot summer day and we were at a pub somewhere in Montana. We remember thinking, “Wow, we’ve got to try something like this ourselves.”
  • The Ping Pong Table - Tom Dodd & Blaine Bertsch
    A ping pong phenomenon is sweeping through Edmonton’s Advanced Technology Centre’s start-up community. Blaine and Tom, the guys behind Fission Media, explain.
  • Transforming Health Care - Jim Swaffield
    Alberta was in a transition time, and still is in terms of health care in my opinion. I think we’re leaders at looking at different models and different ways of doing things.
  • Why I Started the Running Room - John Stanton
    I was this portly 238-pounder, a smoker. Like so many people I threw my energy into my family, work, and community endeavours, and I neglected my own wellness.
  • Why I Stay in Edmonton - Geoffrey Laudat
    My country of birth is Trinidad and Tobago and a good friend of mine in Edmonton told me there were opportunities in Edmonton. I have never looked back.
  • A Man With A Crush - Barry DeFord Story has video
    I could draw you a map of the world right now. I love history. I love all the stuff you’re really not supposed to talk about at work, so I figure I should work in a place where I can talk about it all the time.
  • Art is a Lifestyle - Sandra Sing Fernandes Story has video
    Edmonton's such a creative town. You really don't have to go sit in a big scary city by yourself and work incredibly hard and maybe not get anywhere. There's a strong and thriving arts community.
  • Picture This - Roy Blumenthal Story has video
    What do a South African caricaturist and the City of Edmonton IT Department have in common? Read how visual facilitation and an open and honest approach help the city keep it real.

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