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Edmonton is one of the most affordable major cities in Canada, allowing people to achieve their dream of home ownership sooner in life.

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  • A Simple Story - Susan Purdy User submitted story
    My story is simple. It's about a 17-year-old girl 3000 miles from home.
  • All-Season City - Sunny & Ishpreet Lamba Story has video
    Sunny and Ishpreet Lamba weren't sold on the move to Edmonton until they realized the lifestyle advantages. For Sunny and Ishpreet, Edmonton is an all-season city.
  • An Unusual Move - Roman Doshchak
    Obviously moving to Edmonton is a little bit unusual for someone who had it as good as I did.
  • Beautiful Way to Move - Miriam Hak User submitted story
    One of the coaches described speed skating as “a beautiful way to move”. It truly is. And it is extremely exhilarating – someone recently told me it’s the fastest human-propelled sport in existence today!
  • Cappuccino Affair - Patti Navarro User submitted story
    This story/poem occurred on April 29, 2000. That is a very important fact as the cafe I mention is no longer opened. This captures a special moment I had in Edmonton.
  • Christmas Eve Kindness - Kathy Holler User submitted story
    We lived in 2 rooms with the luxury of sharing 1 shelf in a refrigerator which stood in the hallway, and it was rarely filled.
  • Edmonton Chinese Garden - Marty Chan User submitted story
    Nothing fills my heart with dread more than the question, “Where are you from?” As a Chinese-Canadian, I know that when I answer “Alberta,” this will prompt the inevitable follow-up query: “no, where are you really from?”
  • Edmonton Gave Us Our Life Back - Heather Foster User submitted story
    Instead, his boss and another lady took it upon themselves to seek out help for Chris and find him a doctor accepting new patients. This was a turning point in Chris’s life.
  • Field Trip - Adrianne Thomson
    We were trying to figure out where in Canada we should live. And then I remember being somewhere in the McKernan area and seeing all these little kids from a daycare out on a field trip.
  • First Snow in Canada - Michelle Ramos User submitted story
    I heard that Edmonton, Alberta has one of the coldest and longest winters, which is approximately half of the year. In my mind, that's absurd! Impossible!
  • Having a Son in Edmonton - Lili Qin User submitted story
    Would you like to pursue a dream in new surroundings? Is it exciting, hard or scary? When I became an immigrant, first thing that I did was to have a baby in Edmonton.
  • I Didn't Even Notice the Cold - Tita Francisco
    My favourite season is Edmonton winters because that’s when I can watch hockey. It’s my favourite sport. I'm a big fan.
  • I Wanna Be A Rock Star and Stuff - Hannah Karvonen
    RockerGirl Camp is for girls who wanna rock. But 10-year-old Hannah Karvonen Parsons wasn’t sure about going. “I was afraid that everyone was gonna be older than me and that I wouldn’t know anyone.”
  • Kindness For No Reason - Baba Bhangoo
    When I first came here to live in Edmonton, I'd step into the streets. People would stop. But I would expect them to because they stopped for other people. I was that guy.
  • Life Journey - Hamid Tookhee User submitted story
    When I was young I had a dream of being a pilot but this dream was not possible because in my country there was lots of fighting. People have been fighting in Afghanistan for over 30 years.
  • Life, Hockey, and Bugs - Cam Somerville
    When I grow up I want to be a writer. Fiction. I really look up to Edmonton writer Marty Chan. I’ve read every single one of his books and he came to our school. He goes to all kinds of schools.
  • Monks Drive SUVs Too - Kushok Lobsang Dhamchoe
    Kushok Lobsang Dhamchöe has rights in Canada that he didn’t have in India, where he grew up after fleeing Tibet as a child.
  • My Skate with the Oilers - M.A. Cox User submitted story
    I moved to Edmonton when I was 4 years old. My parents separated and I had to leave my father, my sister, my pit-bull Lassie, and our house in Montreal. I had trouble adjusting to my new and more humble surroundings.
  • O Canada! My Canada! - Jennifer Senia User submitted story
    I have certainly acclimatized well to Edmonton’s culture - its sights and sounds, the diversity of the people, hockey, ETS, volunteerism, Tim Horton’s, the green environment, etc. Now, I feel so lucky to be living in Canada.
  • People Can Live In Ice? - Joseph Florent Feulefack
    When I saw the snow, I remembered how we used to learn about the Inuit in my geography textbooks back in Cameroon. And I thought to myself, “So it’s really true. People can live in ice.”
  • Pulse of the City - Melanie Teichroeb User submitted story
    I'm a small-town girl, born in the Parkland County and raised on dreams I found etched in the prairie sky.
  • Purple City S'mores - Lisa Bromley User submitted story
    The security guards stopped by once or twice to see what exactly it was that we were up to. Each time we smiled sweetly and offered them a marshmallow, and each time they politely declined.
  • Reaching out from Edmonton - Caitlin Jackson
    In the summer of 2010 we decided that Project HOPE needed to facilitate more for our community so we founded a not-for-profit organization.
  • Sojourn - Alison Clarke User submitted story
    A poem about Edmonton's Whyte Avenue
  • Spring 2005 - Kristen Finlay Story has video User submitted story
    In the spring of 2005 my family had a difficult decision to make.
  • The Bay of Canola Fields - Tanya Edison User submitted story
    I pulled over, turned off my car and stared out into the horizon. The endlessness, the openness, that feeling of no limits lifted my heart and waves of content swept away my doubts.
  • The Seasons Were Long - Nick Trieu User submitted story
    For a kid the summers were so long, and so were the winters. We came to Edmonton in 1980. Looking back I am so happy this country was willing to adopt us.
  • The Trip Across - Robina Zyp User submitted story
    I will never forget the look on our collie’s face at the sight. What the heck have you gotten me into? I wondered that myself.
  • Trees Like Crystal - Shantelle Henderson User submitted story
    When I stepped off the plane it was January 21, 1999 and it was -28. It was soooo cold my whole body went into shock till I got to my dad’s house. But that all disappeared the next day when it started to snow.
  • All the Stories Stay Together - Lisa Thang Story has audio
    One of Lisa's favourite memories involves chopstick day, and she was really excited to find out that it still existed when she returned to Kildare to teach.
  • Engineering a Future - Jose Fernandez
    Jose had it tough when he first moved to Edmonton, but worked hard to overcome the cultural differences he faced.
  • Family Business - Sonia & Ramesh Devangodi Story has video
    Sonia picked him up at the airport, and it was love at first sight. For Ramesh, who left his home country of India to come to Winnipeg and then moved to Edmonton, it was the right time to get married.
  • Fancy a Change? - Raymond Surage
    As a child, Raymond studied the topography of North America. His interest in wide open spaces was one of the reasons he came to Edmonton.
  • I Ceased To Be Who I Was - Philip Currie
    I loved dinosaurs from the time I was 6 years old. Then at 10, I read this book about the science of it. What it’s like to be a palaeontologist. I decided then and there that’s what I was going to be when I grew up.
  • I Was This Close to Going Back - Carlos Lopez Story has video Story has audio
    I was one lucky guy. They called and said I’d gotten the job, and that I could start the next day if I wanted to.
  • Johnny Rains - John Ullyatt Story has video
    Edmonton allowed me to do all kinds of crazy things like being a dung beetle and hanging off the side of the National Bank Building downtown. And then I had this idea of turning myself into The Human Fountain.
  • Lights, Camera, Action! - Anaid Productions Story has video
    Edmonton has a talented and supportive production community with a multitude of opportunities for those just starting out, as well as experienced filmmakers.
  • Living My Dreams - Jacob Jerson T. Jala User submitted story
    The excitement of coming here was tremendous, but the sadness of leaving my country, my home and especially my family filled my heart until I set foot in this city.
  • Opera Boot Camp - Kim Mattice-Wanat Story has video
    I’ve always been an educator. If you want it, you can make it happen. Same thing, 11 years ago, when I had the idea to start Opera NUOVA, which came from a collection of things happening around the same time.
  • Pelón - Jorge Torres
    His nickname is Pelón, which means bald in Spanish. We call him that because he has a shaved head.
  • Time For a Change - Jenn Dahlen
    I promised myself that I wouldn’t work in food service for the rest of my life.
  • A Memorable Journey to Edmonton - Catherine Zhou User submitted story
    Read some entries Catherine wrote in her diary during her stay in Edmonton. She was visiting from Chengdu in China's Sichuan province. Her friends call her Rabbit.
  • A Sunny Day in Edmonton - Janet Simister User submitted story
    You Edmontonians are really awesome people. When I was walking along the streets trying to get in as many sights as I could, people were going out of their way to help me experience their beautiful city.
  • Art is a Lifestyle - Sandra Sing Fernandes Story has video
    Edmonton's such a creative town. You really don't have to go sit in a big scary city by yourself and work incredibly hard and maybe not get anywhere. There's a strong and thriving arts community.
  • Edmonton is Not Cold - Sheng Xue User submitted story
    Oh, it's cold there! Really cold! This was the only thing I heard about Edmonton when I told people in Toronto that I was going to be the Writer in Exile in Edmonton for 1 year. I was scared of the cold in Edmonton.
  • Skipping Stone - Dean McKenzie Story has video
    Dean McKenzie is a poet and retired English teacher. He has made 2 CDs, Prairie Hejira and The Silver Apples of the Moon, and is working on a 3rd CD entitled The Jazz Poet.

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