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Edmonton's river valley comprises 22 times more urban green space than New York City's central park.

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  • A City of Many Paths - Margot Ross-Graham
    Margot enjoys her life in Edmonton and she believes that the city’s extensive river valley trails could be a metaphor for the boundless opportunities here.
  • A Salute to Your History - Denise Daubert User submitted story
    I'm proud to say that my family is a part of Edmonton's history and has been since my paternal and maternal great-grandparents settled in Edmonton in the early 1900s. I'm grateful they chose Edmonton!
  • An Aussie in Edmonton - Meg McCready User submitted story
    The day the temperature reached an inconceivable -36 C, I stayed in bed and missed class. (They say only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun. I say only mad Canadians go out in those temperatures.) Luckily for my studies, that only happened once during the first winter.
  • Canada Day Criterium - Canada Day Criterium Story has video
    Host of the Canada Day Criterium, the Edmonton Juventus Cycling Club offers great riding and racing opportunities to all age groups. Members are beginner to national team level cyclists who enjoy track cycling, mountain biking, and cycle cross and road racing.
  • Cleaning Up - Enid Botchett
    Edmonton Public Schools gave me fantastic opportunities before I even really knew I was ready for them. I was a music coordinator. I was a principal. We had the chance to live in Europe for three years.
  • Coming Back Home - Eva Cohen Story has video User submitted story
    This video is a personal narrative of my experience in Edmonton's natural parks. Upon going for a walk down Whitemud Creek, I truly realized how lucky I am to be from Edmonton.
  • Crossing One Bridge - Ann Henry User submitted story
    As I crossed the High Level Bridge today, it reminded me why Edmonton is a great place to call home. My attention was drawn first by the bright blue sky and then the valley which stretches for miles in either direction.
  • Downtown Dwellers - Downtown Dwellers Story has video User submitted story
    What’s it like to live in downtown Edmonton? The Edmontonstories team met up with some downtown dwellers who wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Meet Kassie, Eric, Josh and Kent and learn what living in downtown Edmonton means to them.
  • Downtown Surprise - Lauren Ladner User submitted story
    Of course, living on the busiest street of downtown Edmonton meant that life was always moving, and Jasper Avenue provided all the charms of that energetic downtown lifestyle.
  • Edmonton by Bicycle - Amy Neufeld User submitted story
    I really began to understand Edmonton when I started cycling through it. About 4 years ago I adopted the bicycle as my primary, and favourite, mode of transportation.
  • Fireworks and a Waterfall in Edmonton - Rachael Smillie User submitted story
    We truly do live in an amazing city; I can't think of too many with beautiful blue skies, waterfalls, and fantastic fireworks!
  • First Canadian Thanksgiving - Travis Groom User submitted story
    Everyone had the same idea that no-one should spend Thanksgiving alone. To my surprise, in support of me being American, they even offered to throw an American Thanksgiving in November.
  • Fun on Ice - Edmonton Speed Skating Association Story has video
    On, February 15, 2010, the Edmontonstories team went to the Edmonton Speed Skating Association’s Fun on Ice event at Victoria Oval. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for this event. Families, couples, and speed skating fanatics skated around the oval enjoying the warm sunshine.
  • Glimmering Moments - Stephen T. Berg User submitted story
    The conductor took as much time as needed and enthusiastically answered the copious questions of a curious and delighted child. My love for Edmonton comes to me through this glimmering minor moment.
  • Growing Up Edmontonian - Donna Hamilton User submitted story
    There were disorganised games of soccer baseball, football, tag, Mother-May-I, and red-light green-light. There were train tracks to explore, bridges to cross, and rocks to throw.
  • Happy Canada Day - Trevor Stenson Story has video User submitted story
    It made me glad my son is growing up in such a great community and proud as an Edmontonian, Albertan, and Canadian.
  • High Level Bridge Streetcar - Edmonton Radial Railway Society Story has video
    The Edmonton Radial Railway became famous throughout North America because of the unique streetcar ride over the North Saskatchewan River, the highest river crossing by streetcar in the world.
  • I'm Coming Home - Heather Riddell User submitted story
    My family and I have been lucky in the amount of world we have been able to travel to. As a child my grandmère traveled extensively and we saw many places vicariously through her.
  • Keeping Busy in Edmonton - Andrea Ryan
    I have known Edmonton my whole life. I was born here, I attended university here, I got married here. During this time, I have lived both in Edmonton and in its surrounding communities, and I love it.
  • Life, Hockey, and Bugs - Cam Somerville
    When I grow up I want to be a writer. Fiction. I really look up to Edmonton writer Marty Chan. I’ve read every single one of his books and he came to our school. He goes to all kinds of schools.
  • Making Good News - Sol Rolingher
    I’d always been in the river valley. I’d been in it every day, canoed it, gone up and down it in a Zodiac.
  • Mill Creek Miscellany - Colin Kot User submitted story
    Growing up next to Mill Creek Ravine can teach you a thing or two about life. Colin recalls his never-ending creekside adventures.
  • Moving to Edmonton? - Jay Palter User submitted story
    Are you thinking of moving to Edmonton? If you are, I’m your man. I’m just a lifelong Torontonian who moved to Edmonton with my family last year. So I understand a lot of the questions and concerns you may have - the doubts and the fears.
  • My City - Randy Lukian Story has video User submitted story
    These are some photos I took of Edmonton. The music is Tina Turner's Simply the Best. I have lived in Edmonton all my 51 years, and I must agree Edmonton is simply the best.
  • My Home in the Forest - Joy L. Magnusson Story has video User submitted story
    Some of my history books say the first people who walked here called this place “Amiskwaciwaskakikan.”
  • Our Picturesque Valley - Lori Frank User submitted story
    Every morning I pinch myself with the beautiful view of our river valley and Victoria golf course. It is like going on a holiday every day.
  • Pulse of the City - Melanie Teichroeb User submitted story
    I'm a small-town girl, born in the Parkland County and raised on dreams I found etched in the prairie sky.
  • Queen of Trees - Sheena Moore User submitted story
    At 8 years old I had declared myself Queen of the Trees, and here I was about to go start a life in the city. I took one last look at my little town before it disappeared into its valley. Buildings and skyscrapers would become my new forest.
  • Ribbon of Green - David Hryciuk Story has video User submitted story
    For me, Edmonton has always been a wonderful, marvelous place to call home.
  • Run! - Doreen Ryan
    If I have to I’ll walk...but my pride won’t allow me to do that. I’m terrible. I’m still competitive with myself. Oh yeah, I’ll just hold that torch up like it’s nothing. I know I’ll get emotional. It has such meaning to me. I’m getting teary just thinking about it.
  • Running Through the River Valley - Victoria Elliott User submitted story
    The sun is a crimson promise on the horizon as we set off on our jog through the River Valley. I hate running, but I love cheesecake. I need to do one to have the other.
  • Scooting Around Town - Igor Woroniuk Story has video
    I’m a visually inspired person, obviously, being an artist. The views in Edmonton really grab me. Standing on top of the river valley, you can see the whole city. Sunsets. The moon. Clouds sweeping through.
  • Seven Seas Apart - Ali Dar User submitted story
    This is a story of similarities and differences; connection and disconnect; familiarity and fear of the unknown.
  • Something for Every Taste - Kane Lambert User submitted story
    This event shows the true character of hockey fans in Edmonton. Minus 27 with an extreme wind chill and we still put 57,167 cold but excited butts in the seats.
  • Subtle Aspects - Ryan Madej User submitted story
    Having grown up in Edmonton and lived here my whole life, I've learned what I love the most about this city is what it’s not in comparison to other cities of the world.
  • Taking in Our River Valley - Eugene Ip User submitted story
    Flowing glacially in a traffic jam of metallic snails, I am a mesmerized sightseer in the comfort of my vehicle, just letting the sweeping river valley panorama impress me for a prolonged IMAX sensation.
  • The Day The Whale Came By - Harley Reid User submitted story
    I live on the ninth floor of an apartment building perched on the south bank of the mighty North Saskatchewan River.
  • The Trip Across - Robina Zyp User submitted story
    I will never forget the look on our collie’s face at the sight. What the heck have you gotten me into? I wondered that myself.
  • There's No Place like HOME! - There's No Place like HOME! User submitted story
    Over the 17 years while I was abroad, I was asked where was home. Edmonton was always the answer. Funny how that is. I’ve lived in a lot of exotic places, but my family is all here, my best friends are here and even with some new additions, the city is still the same.
  • Things I Must Do - Sandy Mowat Story has video
    Sandy moved to Edmonton with her husband. She is getting to know Edmonton with new friends and getting involved in the community by volunteering.
  • Where a Country Boy Can Stay - Dylan Pitman User submitted story
    The Edmonton river valley is what makes Edmonton a city unlike any other, a city a country boy can live in and stay sane.
  • Why I Love Edmonton: A Poem - Dan Lokhorst User submitted story
    But if I had to choose a single spot to call my own, Then I'd have to say it's Edmonton, my river city home.
  • You Don't Know What You Got - Bill User submitted story
    Bill had dreams of living a wonderful life in the city of Vancouver after he received his degree in Edmonton. But living in the ultra urban city proved to be disappointing with long commutes and high costs of living. He found out that you really don’t know what you got….
  • A Job with a Bonus - Richard Andersen
    My first question was, "Where is Edmonton?". Richard soon found out and thinks Edmonton and Edmontonians are a wonderful bonus.
  • A New Beginning - Gerry Ens
    Gerry thought he was going to retire in Edmonton, but retirement didn’t stick. With so many phenomenal opportunities here, he found it impossible to go cold turkey:
  • An Edmonton Theatrician - Ken Brown
    Edmonton is a great town in which to produce theatre, and it’s a mysteriously active and supportive theatre community. Nationally recognized writers have come from here, and Edmonton has had a profound effect on English-Canadian theatre. It’s interesting that this prairie city produces a lot of theatre.
  • Converting a Calgarian - Ryan Jespersen User submitted story
    The number 99 haunted me growing up. Unlike most present-day Edmontonians, I grew up wearing red and yellow hockey sweaters - not orange and blue. Wayne Gretzky didn't make my childhood hockey dreams come true...he killed them. To this day, it frustrates me to no end, knowing there's no rebuttal for "Five Cups."
  • Dinosaurs! - Aaron Krywiak & Ryley Paul Story has video
    Wait...is that a dinosaur tooth?!
  • It's All About Work-Life Balance - Peter Chapman User submitted story
    Stopping really is the best thing I could ever have done.
  • Most Rewarding Job - Carmit Harari
    I said initially that it doesn’t really matter where I land. I just need to find the right job. But flying into Edmonton and seeing the scenery here, I thought, “You know if I end up here...holy cow is it gorgeous.”
  • Opportunity in Edmonton - Bob Story has video
    Bob, an engineer originally from the UK, moved to Edmonton to start a new position with Stantec – and he loved it here. Moving to Edmonton meant he could afford a home twice the size of one he would have in the UK and gave him access to over 84 golf courses within an hour’s drive – a golfer’s dream.
  • Blessings and gratitude - Sharon Ingraham User submitted story
    There is magic here where the aurora dances and cultures mix with abandon...
  • Ed-Ventures - Sheila Edmonds User submitted story
    My first experiences in Alberta's Capital City felt like a resort holiday.
  • My Edmonton Has It All - Sheila Butterwick User submitted story
    When I think of Edmonton, I think of home. I say we’ve got it all. A remarkable skyline, an incomparable conservatory, and one of the grandest bridges I’ve ever seen.
  • The Rule of a Royal Dog - Matthew Tognet User submitted story
    Royal dog Cadence is refined in bearing and temperament, yet, as is the practice of tyrants, becomes agitated when his whims are not fulfilled.

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