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Edmonton has more than 30 festivals a year, featuring music, theatre, film and more.

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  • I Wanna Be A Rock Star and Stuff - Hannah Karvonen
    RockerGirl Camp is for girls who wanna rock. But 10-year-old Hannah Karvonen Parsons wasn’t sure about going. “I was afraid that everyone was gonna be older than me and that I wouldn’t know anyone.”
  • Opera Boot Camp - Kim Mattice-Wanat Story has video
    I’ve always been an educator. If you want it, you can make it happen. Same thing, 11 years ago, when I had the idea to start Opera NUOVA, which came from a collection of things happening around the same time.
  • The Most Unexpected Place - Sherryl Sewepagaham
    One of my students asked me if we could sing it. We were on a field trip, riding on the bus. I said I didn’t think we were ready. It took me a long time to learn the song. Listening, listening. It’s a very long and complex song.
  • A Man With A Crush - Barry DeFord Story has video
    I could draw you a map of the world right now. I love history. I love all the stuff you’re really not supposed to talk about at work, so I figure I should work in a place where I can talk about it all the time.
  • Edmonton's Labatt Blues Festival - Blues International Story has video
    Edmontonians love their blues music. Edmonton’s Labatt Blues Festival is Western Canada’s premier blues event. The festival takes place for 3 days every August in Hawrelak Park’s Heritage Amphitheatre.
  • Hot to Huddle in Edmonton - Grey Cup Festival Story has video
    Edmonton has some great 2010 Grey Cup memories from everyone who came out to celebrate with us. We captured the pre-game excitement on Churchill Square at Edmonton’s Hot to Huddle 2010 Grey Cup Festival.
  • Magical Volunteer Army - The Magical Volunteer Army Story has video
    What does it take to become one of the world's best folk festivals? Blood, sweat, toil, and tears? Definitely. Volunteers? Absolutely. Watch 2 short videos to find out what keeps everyone coming back each year.
  • Russian Literature: Cadence Weapon - Roland Pemberton Story has video
    I played a show in Charlottetown, PEI, and I met a girl with a hat on that said Republic of Alberta. I thought this was hilarious, so I asked her where she got it.

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