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Edmonton averages up to 17 hours of sunlight per day in the summer.

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  • An Aussie in Edmonton - Meg McCready User submitted story
    The day the temperature reached an inconceivable -36 C, I stayed in bed and missed class. (They say only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun. I say only mad Canadians go out in those temperatures.) Luckily for my studies, that only happened once during the first winter.
  • Coming Home - Kristi Tencarre User submitted story
    I admit there are times when I miss the ocean and green of the rainforest, but the constant sunshine is a bright reminder of why I love this area of Canada.
  • Edmonton is the Place to Bee - Shannon Lee Ladouceur User submitted story
    The big fat industrious bumblebee itself is Edmonton as a whole - as hardworking and cheerful with a buzz and purpose much like this city I have grown to love so much.
  • Edmonton/Paradise - Kelly Jordan User submitted story
    Armed with nothing more than our bikes and sheer determination, my fifteen-year-old brother, Cory and I scale the hills and the lush forests that engulf our city.
  • Enduring an Edmonton Winter: Curling - Eric O'Brien User submitted story
    There are 2 types of curlers: one half conferences around the TSN curling broadcast and makes comments like, “Boy, that yellow rock is sure buried deep”; the other half watches a game out on the ice and strategizes, “If it were me, I’d have Linda peel that guard so that Terry doesn’t have a chance to score 2 and take it into extras.”
  • First Snow in Canada - Michelle Ramos User submitted story
    I heard that Edmonton, Alberta has one of the coldest and longest winters, which is approximately half of the year. In my mind, that's absurd! Impossible!
  • Growing Up Edmontonian - Donna Hamilton User submitted story
    There were disorganised games of soccer baseball, football, tag, Mother-May-I, and red-light green-light. There were train tracks to explore, bridges to cross, and rocks to throw.
  • How Does Edmonton MOVE You? Winners - How Does Edmonton Move You
    We asked Edmontonians “How does Edmonton MOVE you?” Entrants submitted stories and experiences about cycling, rollerblading, walking, taking transit and carpooling.
  • I Didn't Even Notice the Cold - Tita Francisco
    My favourite season is Edmonton winters because that’s when I can watch hockey. It’s my favourite sport. I'm a big fan.
  • Jasper Magpies - Caitlin Bauer User submitted story
    I consider the magpies of downtown Edmonton to be companions of sorts. Spring, summer, winter, or fall - the little pranksters can usually found dipping and weaving like feathered kites down the city.
  • Leaving Edmonton - Judy Chubbs User submitted story
    Several years ago on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, my husband and I left our home on the East Coast of Canada to drive to Edmonton for work.
  • Moose on the Loose - Lisa Shamchuk User submitted story
    What happens when a moose gets lost in Edmonton? Read Lisa's story to find out.
  • Moving to Edmonton? - Jay Palter User submitted story
    Are you thinking of moving to Edmonton? If you are, I’m your man. I’m just a lifelong Torontonian who moved to Edmonton with my family last year. So I understand a lot of the questions and concerns you may have - the doubts and the fears.
  • Purple City S'mores - Lisa Bromley User submitted story
    The security guards stopped by once or twice to see what exactly it was that we were up to. Each time we smiled sweetly and offered them a marshmallow, and each time they politely declined.
  • Running Through the River Valley - Victoria Elliott User submitted story
    The sun is a crimson promise on the horizon as we set off on our jog through the River Valley. I hate running, but I love cheesecake. I need to do one to have the other.
  • Seven Seas Apart - Ali Dar User submitted story
    This is a story of similarities and differences; connection and disconnect; familiarity and fear of the unknown.
  • Smooth - Caitlin Bauer Story has audio User submitted story
    Smooth is a short, quirky Whyte Ave tale from a September night two years ago. The birthday girl's friends are an hour late, but a strange elderly man brightens her evening.
  • Snow-Oh-Oh-Oh - Caroline Stokes Story has video User submitted story
    Many of us see winter in Edmonton as a nuisance. I highly recommend taking a moment to recognize the beauty around us - we all see it a different way. I took a stroll around my neighbourhood and soaked it all in.
  • Something for Every Taste - Kane Lambert User submitted story
    This event shows the true character of hockey fans in Edmonton. Minus 27 with an extreme wind chill and we still put 57,167 cold but excited butts in the seats.
  • Sound of the Olympic Flame - Rod Proudfoot User submitted story
    My senses are on full alert…the sounds, the sights, the feel of the pavement, the setting sun in a cloudless sky, even the sound of the Olympic flame in my torch as I’m jogging. With a huge smile, I look up at my lit torch…beautiful!
  • The Day The Whale Came By - Harley Reid User submitted story
    I live on the ninth floor of an apartment building perched on the south bank of the mighty North Saskatchewan River.
  • The People Make the City - Chris Brainerd User submitted story
    It's possible to look at Edmonton and simply see the sports teams with their championship legacies. Or just West Edmonton Mall, the river valley, and all the festivals. But those who only see these things are missing the most important aspect of the city – the people.
  • The Yellow Beetle - Ed Jones
    The most amazing thing about that game and that day was that I’d look up in the stands and see not one empty seat. I said, “These people are tough. Sitting out there for 3 to 4 hours in this kind of weather – these people are either tough or they’re crazy.”
  • There's No Place like HOME! - There's No Place like HOME! User submitted story
    Over the 17 years while I was abroad, I was asked where was home. Edmonton was always the answer. Funny how that is. I’ve lived in a lot of exotic places, but my family is all here, my best friends are here and even with some new additions, the city is still the same.
  • Trees Like Crystal - Shantelle Henderson User submitted story
    When I stepped off the plane it was January 21, 1999 and it was -28. It was soooo cold my whole body went into shock till I got to my dad’s house. But that all disappeared the next day when it started to snow.
  • An Edmonton Theatrician - Ken Brown
    Edmonton is a great town in which to produce theatre, and it’s a mysteriously active and supportive theatre community. Nationally recognized writers have come from here, and Edmonton has had a profound effect on English-Canadian theatre. It’s interesting that this prairie city produces a lot of theatre.
  • Celebrating Success - Amarjeet Sohi Story has video
    Watch a video shot at City Hall during the International Day of Sharing Stories in 2009. Councillor Sohi was there to represent City Council, of course, but more importantly, to learn more about new Edmontonians and celebrate their successes.
  • Establishing Roots - Alison Neuman User submitted story
    Edmonton is more than my home; it is a place that has nourished many a settler’s past and continues to provide opportunities for growth.
  • Northern Lights - Ian Mann
    I’m a big believer in the idea that science should be something that’s understandable to the average person. I hope to impact Edmontonians with the research that’s being done in space science in this city.
  • The Choice Was Clear - Michael King User submitted story
    My first impression came from the people in Edmonton. There are people here from every country in the world who’ve come to better themselves and you don’t feel like an outsider because the city is made up of such a diverse population.
  • Edmonton is Not Cold - Sheng Xue User submitted story
    Oh, it's cold there! Really cold! This was the only thing I heard about Edmonton when I told people in Toronto that I was going to be the Writer in Exile in Edmonton for 1 year. I was scared of the cold in Edmonton.
  • More Than a Whirlwind - Marilyn Martin User submitted story
    I had returned to visit treasured friends I had made in the early 80s while working at University of Alberta Hospital. I will never forget that hot afternoon.
  • My most adrenaline-filled Edmonton moment... - User submitted story
    Suddenly my eyes popped wide open as a Formula Ford spun out of control and started heading directly for our marshal station.

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